Mount Cereme

Mount Cereme
Mount Cereme
Elevation 3,078 m (10,098 ft) [1]
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Location Java, Indonesia
Coordinates 6°53′31″S 108°24′00″E / 6.892°S 108.40°E / -6.892; 108.40
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 1951

Mount Cereme or Mount Ciremai is a symmetrical stratovolcano lies in West Java, Indonesia. A 4.5 × 5 km wide of the Geger Halang caldera is found at the summit. Eruptions are relatively infrequent in historical time, but explosive activity and lahars from the summit have been recorded.[1] Cereme is the highest mountain in West Java. The name Cereme or Ciremai is derived from Sundanese word for Otaheite gooseberry.

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