List of Quakers

List of Quakers

This is a list of notable people associated with the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers.

The first part consists of individuals who are known to be or to have been Quakers continually from some point in their lives onward.

The second part consists of individuals whose parents were Quakers or who were Quakers themselves at one time in their lives but then converted to another religion, formally or informally distanced themselves from the Society of Friends, or were disowned by their Friends Meeting.


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*Jane Addams (1860-1935), sociologist
*William Allen (1770 – 1843), Scientist, philanthropist, and abolitionist. [ [ Stoke Newington Quakers] ]
*Edgar Anderson (1897 - 1969), American botanist. [ [ Edgar Anderson: A Biographical Memoir] ]
*Susan B. Anthony (1820 – 1906), American suffragist, abolitionist, and pioneer of feminism and civil rights
*Jan Arnow (1947-), author, peace proponent [ [ Kentucky Community and Technical College System] ]
*Elizabeth Ashbridge (1713–1755), Quaker preacher and memoirist. [ [ University of North Carolina Press] ]
*Ann Austin (17th century), early Quaker missionary [ [ New York Times: June 10, 1894] ]
*Iwao Ayusawa (1894 - 1972) , Japanese diplomat. [ [ Tokyo Quaker site] ]


*Edmund Backhouse, M.P. for Darlington, banker and member of Parliament
*James Backhouse (1794-1869), botanist and missionary
*Ernest Bader (1890 - 1982), businessman and philanthropist
*Eric Baker (activist), co-founder of Amnesty International and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
*Emily Greene Balch, Nobel Peace Prize winner
*Chris Ballance Member of the Scottish Parliament (Green party) and playwright.
*Mark Ballard, Member of the Scottish Parliament (Green Party), rector of Edinburgh University.
*Robert Barclay, theologian
*Bernard Barton, poet
*John Barton (quaker), abolitionist
*John Bartram, botanist
*Joel Bean
*Anthony Benezet, educator, abolitionist
*Caleb P. Bennett
*Douglas C. Bennett, president Earlham College
*Lewis Benson, printer, researcher and writer about Early Quakerism, especially George Fox
*Albert Bigelow, nuclear weapons protester
*J. Brent Bill, author of fiction and non-fiction, notably "Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality"
*George Birkbeck, a founder of London Mechanics Institute, now Birkbeck, University of London
*Kenneth E. Boulding, an economist, educator, poet, religious mystic, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher
*Samuel Bownas (1676–1753), travelling minister, and writer
*John Bowne (1627-1695), promoter of religious freedom in colonial America
*Sandra Boynton writer, cartoonist, composer
*George Bradshaw English cartographer, printer, publisher, originator of the railway timetable
*John Bright, politician
*Moses Brown, industrialist and philanthropist
*Jocelyn Bell Burnell, astrophysicist
*Edward Burrough, 1660s activist
*Maria Louisa Bustill, (1853-1904) mother of Paul Robeson
*Smedley Butler, (1881-1940) a U.S. Marine
*Thomas S. Butler, U. S. Congressman
*Charles Roden Buxton, British parliamentarian
*A. S. Byatt, author


*George Cadbury, chocolatier [ [ Birmingham UK] ]
*Henry Cadbury, chairman of the American Friends Service Committee
*John Cadbury, chocolatier [ [ Birmingham UK] ]
*Arthur Capper, governor and U. S. senator from Kansas. [ [ Political Graveyard] ]
*Pierre Ceresole (1879-1945), Founded the Service Civil International. [ [Monastier, Hélène [1947] . Un Quaker d'aujourd'hui: Pierre Ceresole, 43 p.] ]
*Ilka Chase, actress and author
*Cyrus Clark co-founder of C&J Clark, shoe manufacturers in Street, Somerset
*James Clark co-founder of C&J Clark, shoe manufacturers in Street, Somerset
*Whittaker Chambers, convinced Quaker at the time of his editorship at "Time" and testimony against Alger Hiss (Cantor, 1993) [Cantor, Norman F. (1993) "Inventing the Middle Ages", p. 219, HarperCollins, ISBN 0-688-12302-3: " [1949] was also a moment in "Time"'s history when a senior editor was Whittaker Chambers, the former Soviet spy and eventual nemesis of Alger Hiss. Now a devout Quaker, Chambers was keen on importing British conservative Christianity to American shores..."]
*James Walter Clifton Recorded Friends minister and psychotherapist who founded first Friends meeting in Mississippi (Tupelo, 1977) [Quaker Life (February 1978, p. 34) ]
*William Coddington (1601 – 1678), first governor of Rhode Island
*Levi Coffin (1798 – 1877), abolitionist [ [ University of North Carolina] ]
*John S. Collins, land developer
*Peter Collinson FRS (1694–1768), botanist
*John Conard (1773-1857), US politician nicknamed the "Fighting Quaker". (buried in an Episcopal Church) [ [ Political Graveyard] ]
*Anne Finch Conway, philosopher
*William Cooper (1754-1809), founder of Cooperstown, New York and father of author James Fenimore Cooper
*James A. Corbett, activist.
*Stephen Crisp (16281692) Activist and writer, of Colchester active in the Netherlands
*Joseph Crosfield (1792-1844) a businessman who established a soap and chemical manufacturing business which became the firm of Joseph Crosfield & Sons Ltd.
*Bruce Crowther Founder of the Fairtrade Towns movement
*Adam Curle (1916-2006) first Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford [ [ University of Bradford obituary] ]


*John Dalton (1766 – 1844), chemist [ [ John Rylands University Library] ]
*Abraham Darby I (1678 – 1717), ironmaster [ [ The Darby Dynasty] ]
*Abraham Darby II (1711 – 1763), ironmaster [ [ The Darby Dynasty page 2] ]
*Abraham Darby III (1750 – 1791), ironmaster [ [ Ibid] ]
*James Dean (1931-1955), actor [ [ James Dean's religious affiliation] ]
*Dame Judi Dench (born December 9, 1934: living), actor [ [,,1699880,00.html The Guardian] ]
*Philip Dennis, Agriculture missionary to the Miami Nation. [Carter, Harvey Lewis. "The Life and Times of Little Turtle" ISBN 0-252-01318-2 pg 100-292]
*John Dickinson (1732 – 1808), American lawyer and Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania. [ [ profile] ]
*Jonathan Dickinson, (1663-1722), merchant and politician. [ [ The Cambridge History of English and American Literature] ]
*Richard Dillingham, (1823 - 1850), abolitionist [ [ Find-A-Grave] ]
*Ambrose Dixon (c. 1619 - 1687), Colonial American who came to Maryland to escape persecution. [ [ Delmarva Settlers site] ]
*Henry Doubleday (1808-1875), entomologist and ornithologist. [ [ Darwin Online] ]
*Henry Doubleday (1810-1902), scientist and horticulturist. [ [ Cogges Hall Museum] ]
*Sue Doughty (1948-), politician [ [ Sue] ]
*Paul Douglas (1892 – 1976) , economist and United States Senator. [ [] ]
*Margaret Drabble Novelist
*Mary Dyer, (c.1611? – 1660) religious martyr [ [ Mayflower Families] ]


*Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882 – 1944), astrophysicist [ [ "Astrophysics and Mysticism: the life of Arthur Stanley Eddington"] by Ian H Hutchinson of MIT]
*Paul Eddington (1927 – 1995), actor. [ [ BBC Profile] ]
*Fritz Eichenberg (1901 – 1990) , illustrator [ [ Interview with Fritz Eichenberg] ]
*George Ellis (born August 11, 1939: living), Templeton Prize winning cosmologist [ [ Friends Journal] ]
*Rowland Ellis (1650 – 1731), Welsh Quaker leader. [ [ Welsh Biography Online] ]
*Thomas Ellwood (1639-1713) , religious writer [ [ 1911 Encyclopedia] ]
*Joshua Evans (1731-1798), minister from Haddonfield, New Jersey [ [ Joshua Evans Papers at Swarthmore] ]


*Chuck Fager, 20th Century Quaker writer and activist
*Margaret Fell, (1614 - 1702) one of the earliest Quakers, married to George Fox
*James Finlayson (1771–1852), Scottish engineer who industrialised the city of Tampere in Finland
*Mary Fisher, (ca. 1623 - 1698) early Quaker missionary
*Edwin B. Forsythe, (1916-1984) Representative for New Jersey. [ [ Political Graveyard] ]
*Richard J. Foster, ecumenical leader & reformer, founder of Renovare
*John Fothergill,(1712 – 1780), English Quaker physician and philanthropist
*Barclay Fox (1817 - 1855), Diarist
*Caroline Fox (1819 - 1871), Diarist
*George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
*Robert Were Fox I, businessman
*Robert Were Fox II, geologist
*Tom Fox, held captive and killed in Iraq
*Ursula Franklin, metallurgist and research physicist
*Francis Frith, photographer
*Christopher Fry, playwright
*Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer
*Joan Mary Fry (1862–1955), relief worker and social reformer
*Joseph Fry (tea merchant) ((1777-1861), tea dealer and an unsuccessful banker. Husband of Elizabeth Fry
*Margery Fry (1874–1958), penal reformer and Principal of Somerville College


*Thomas Garrett, (1789 – 1871) abolitionist. [ [ Spartacus Schoolnet] ]
*Rickman Godlee, (1849 - 1925), English surgeon and biogaphist of Joseph Lister
*Stephen Grellet (1773 – 1855) , missionary [ [ Webster University] ]
*Joseph John Gurney (1788 - 1847), reformer [ [,M1 Memoirs of Joseph John Gurney] ]


*Elizabeth Haddon (1680-1762) founder of Haddonfield, New Jersey
*Seok-heon Ham
*Cornelia Hancock, nurse
*Sheila Hancock, comedian
*Edmund Happold (1930 - 1996), engineer
*Jan de Hartog, author
*Jonathan Hazard, Continental congressman
*Edward Hicks, painter
*Elias Hicks, Quaker theologian
*Thomas Hodgkin, physician who documented Hodgkin's lymphoma
*Marshall Hodgson, historian
*Gerard Hoffnung, artist and humorist
*Christopher Holder, preacher
*David P. Holloway, (1809-1883) Representative from Indiana. [ [ Political Graveyard] ]
*Rush D. Holt, Jr., U.S. Congressman
*Elizabeth Hooton, preacher, possibly the first Quaker after George Fox
*Herbert Hoover, U.S. President
*Johns Hopkins, philanthropist
*Luke Howard, meteorologist
*Francis Howgill, preacher and writer
*Geoffrey Hubbard, director of the National Council for Educational Technology
*Charles Humphreys(1714 – 1786), Continental Congressman [ [ Political Graveyard] ]

*John Hunn, (1849-1926) A Governor of Delaware. [ [ National Governors Association] ]
*Alfred Hunt (1817-1888), American industrialist [Bethlehem Globe-Times (March 28, 1888), "Alfred Hunt, the well known president of the Bethlehem Iron Company dead."]
*John Hunt (1712-1778), minister from London, England; one of the "Virginia Exiles" [Gummere, Amelia Mott (1922), "The journal and essays of John Woolman", New York: The Macmillan Company, p. 511 ]
*John Hunt (1740-1824), minister and journalist from Moorestown, New Jersey [Hynes, Judy (1997), "The descendants of John and Elizabeth (Woolman) Borton", Mount Holly, New Jersey: John Woolman Memorial Association]


*Rufus Jones, Quaker theologian [ [ Rufus Jones, Master Quaker By David Hinshaw] ]
*T. Canby Jones, Quaker peace activist, theologian, and professor emeritus at Wilmington College. [ [ Friends United Meeting] ]


*Thomas R. Kelly, Missionary, educator, and spiritual writer. [ [ Spirituality Today] ]
* Haven Kimmel, American author.
*Sir Ben Kingsley, actor. [ [ The Scotsman's "Living" section] ]


*Joseph Lancaster (1778 – 1838), Public education innovator. [ [ Dictionary of Canadian biography] ]
*John Lilburne (died August 29, 1657), Leveller who converted to the faith. [ [ Spartacus schoolnet] ]
*Joseph Jackson Lister (1786 - 1869), Amateur British opticist and physicist and the father of Joseph Lister.
*Joseph Lister (1827 - 1912), English Surgeon who promoted the idea of sterile surgery.
*James Logan (1674 - 1751) , William Penn's secretary who had been an Anglican clergyman. [ [ Penn State bio] ]
*Kathleen Lonsdale (1903 - 1971) , scientist [ [,_Kathleen_Yardley@8480138866.html 20th c. women in Physics site at UCLA] ]
*Raph Levien (living), Free software author behind Ghostscript and Advogato. [ [ Raph Levien homepage] .]


*Svetlana Sotiroff MacDonald [ [ Canadians for equal marriage] ]
*John Macmurray, Philosopher. [ [ John Macmurray foundation] ]
*Dolley Madison, First Lady [ [ The Dolley Madison Project] ]
*Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, Former South African Health Minister. [ [ Department of Health profile on Madlala-Routledge] ]
*Elizabeth Magie, inventor of "Monopoly" [ [ BALLBUSTER? True Confessions of a Marxist Businessman] ]
*Dave Matthews, musician. [ [ CNN] ]
*James Michener, author
*Edward R. Murrow, journalist. [ [ Medal of Freedom Profile] ]
*Ethan Mordden, author
*Lucretia Mott, Abolitionist and suffragist. [ [ Smithsonian] ]


*James Nayler, Former soldier and member of the Valiant Sixty. [ [ Harvard's Libraries and the Quaker Jesus] ]
*Russ Nelson, open source software developer. [ [] ]
*Sir George Newman, British Chief Medical Officer [ [ The Oxford Illustrated Companion to Medicine] ]
*W. Roy Newsom, President, Whittier College [ []
*Sally Nicholls, British children's author. [Sally Nicholls, [ An interview...] , retrieved 2008-02-28.]
*Inazo Nitobe, Japanese diplomat, educator, author. [ [ Columbia University on a book he wrote] ]
*Richard Nixon, U.S. President. [ [ Nixon Library Foundation] ]
*Philip Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker, Diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. [ [ Nobel Biography] ]


*Amelia Opie, writer [ [ University of Toronto Libray] ]
*Constantine Overton (1626/7-?1690), Quaker leader in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. [ [ Biography Index Number 101020970] ]


*Parker Palmer, writer, teacher, activist [ [ Augsburg College] ]
*Alice Paul, suffragist from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. [ [ Alice Paul Institute] ]
*Edward Pease, early railway owner in England. [ [ Darlington, Quaker Photograph Albums] ]
*Joseph Pease, first Quaker member of Parliament. [ [ Spartacus Schoolnet] ]
*Isaac Penington - Early Quaker. [ [ U of Penn copy of a Quaker work he wrote] ]
*William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania
*Olive Pink, botanical illustrator, gardener, anthropologist, and activist for aboriginal rights. [ [ University of Tasmania Profile] ]
*Oliver Postgate Animator and creator of Bagpuss
*Gerald Priestland, BBC broadcaster [ [ Coming Home:an introduction to the Quakers] ]
*Edmond Privat, Swiss ambassador of esperanto international language, journalist, historian university teacher. [ [ Swiss Quakers site] ]


*Arthur Raistrick, Conscientious Objector, geologist, industrial archealogist, and socialist. [ [ University of Bradford Library: The Elizabeth and Arthur Raistrick Collection] ]
*Bonnie Raitt, musician [ [ Rolling Stone bio] ]
*John Raitt, actor
*Lewis Fry Richardson, mathematician and geophysicist. [ [ McTutor] ]
*John Wigham Richardson, shipbuilder [ [,M1 Quakers, Jews, and Science] ] [ [ Quakers and Quakerism in Scotland: a bibliography] ]
*Tom Robinson, rock musician and disc-jockey
*Joseph Rowntree, chocolatier and educationist. [ [ A Quaker Business Man: The Life of Joseph Rowntree 1836-1925 By Anne Vernon] ]
*Bayard Rustin, civil rights leader. [ [ Bayard Rustin Film Project] ]


*Susanna M. Salter, first woman mayor in the United States
*Anna Sewell, author
*Moses Sheppard, philanthropist and abolitionist
*Philip Sherman, first Secretary of State of Rhode Island
*Scott Simon, journalist and broadcaster
*John Alexander Sinton, winner of the Victoria Cross
*Joan Slonczewski, biologist and award-winning science fiction writer
*Alys Pearsall Smith
*Hannah Whitall Smith
*Robert Pearsall Smith
*Lawrence Southwick
*Cassandra Burnell Southwick
*Robert Strettell, early mayor of Philadelphia
*Joseph Sturge
*Donald Swann, composer, musician and entertainer
*Noah Haynes Swayne


*Joseph Taylor, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics [ [ Nobel Autobiography] ]
*Henry S. Taylor, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1986 [H.S. Taylor: The WP article gives no indication of his parents' religious persuasion.]
*Valerie Taylor, prominent lesbian novelist of the 1950s-1980s. [ [ Cornell News] ]
*Philip E. Thomas, first president of the B&O Railroad (the first railroad in the US) [Howard, George Washington (1873). [ "The Monumental City, Its Past History and Present Resources"] . J.D. Ehlers]
*Peterson Toscano, actor, playwright and gay activist. [ [ Bio] ]
*Connor Trinneer, actor [ [ Trek Today] : "It's a whole conversation itself to describe what that is and what that means to me. I describe growing up Quaker, and people are like, 'Dude, why can't I be a Quaker?'" He [Trineer] said that he finds the religion very liberating in that there is no minister or senior authority at a meeting.]
*D. Elton Trueblood, theologian [ [ New York Times obituary] ]
*Daniel Hack Tuke, physician and expert in mental illness [ [ Victorian Lunatics by Marlene Ann Arieno] ]
*James Hack Tuke [ [ Profile at Irish famine site] ]
*Henry Tuke, co-founder of the York Retreat [ [ Quaker Tracts at USC] ]
*Samuel Tuke, wrote about treatment of mental illness. [ [ A Critical Dictionary of English Literature, and British and American] By Samuel Austin Allibone (pg 2470)]
*William Tuke, co-founder of the York Retreat [ [ BBC biography] ] [ [ University of York] ]
*James Turrell, artist [ [ PBS] ]


*Mary Vaux Walcott, artist
*George Washington Walker, missionary
*Benjamin West, painter
*Jessamyn West, novelist
*Joseph Wharton (1826-1909), merchant, industrialist and philanthropist
*Ann Cooper Whitall
*Barclay White (1821- 1906), Superintendent of Indian Affairs during the administration of American president Ulysses S. Grant. ["The New York Times", November 24, 1906: "Mr. White attained prominence in National public life when in 1871 to 1878 he was United States Superintendent of Indian Affairs, having charge of seven tribes and six agencies."]
*John Greenleaf Whittier, poet
*John Richardson Wigham, inventor and lighthouse engineer
*John Wilbur
*Dallas Willard
*Waldo Williams, poet
*Anna Wing, actress
*Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676), English religious reformer and political activist
*Caspar Wistar, glassmaker
*Victoria Wood, comedian
*John Woolman (1720-1772), minister and journalist from Mount Holly, New Jersey


*William Yardley, an early settler of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is the namesake of the borough of Yardley, Pennsylvania. [cite book|title=History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania|last=Davis|first=William Watts Hart|coauthors=Warren Smedley Ely, John Woolf Jordan|year=1905|publisher=The Lewis Pub. Co.|pages=83|url=]
*Thomas Young, polymath who's probably best known for physics and Egyptology. [ [ 1911 Encyclopedia] ]

People with Quaker roots

Individuals whose parents were Quakers or who were Quakers themselves at one time in their lives but then converted to another religion, formally or informally distanced themselves from the Society of Friends, or were disowned by their Friends Meeting.

*Herbert W. Armstrong (1892 – January 16, 1986), Born of "Quaker stock" and later founded the Worldwide Church of God. [ [ Armstrong's autobiography] ]
*Daniel Boone, (1735 - 1820), American frontiersman and trailblazer of Kentucky. Mother was a Quaker, and father was disowned for allowing some of his children to marry outside.
*Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from 1775-1777 who became an Anglican in the 1750s. [ [] ]
*Ezra Cornell, (1807 – 1874) Founder of Cornell University who was expelled for marrying outside the faith. [ [ Cornell Sun] ]
*Warder Cresson (1798 - 1860), Activist, author, and convert to Judaism. [ [ Jewish] ]
*Samuel Tertius Galton (1783 - 1844), businessman and scientist who converted to Anglicanism. [ [] ]
*Jesse Gause (1785 – c. 1836), early leader in the Latter Day Saint movement. [ [ BYU article] ]
*Nathanael Greene (1742 – 1786), major general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War, expelled from the Quakers in 1773. [ [ Georgia Encyclopedia] ]
*Sam Harris (born 1967; living), Author of The End of Faith with a, possibly lapsed, Quaker father. [ [ Washington Post] ]
*Thomas Hornor (1767 – 1834), Canadian farmer and politician who was expelled for freemasonry and joining a militia. [ [ Biography at the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online] ]
*Lyndon LaRouche, (disowned in 1941) [ [ LyndonLaRouche ] ] [ [ GuideToRecords-body.ind ] ]
*E V Lucas (1868-1938) English writer of nearly 100 books.
*Thomas Merton (1915 – 1968), His mother was an American Quaker, and he attended a couple meetings, but he was baptized and primarily raised as an Anglican. [The Seven Storey Mountain]
*Maria Mitchell (1818 – 1889), One of the first women in astronomy. She retained ties to the Quakers, but became a Unitarian. [ [ Harvard Square Library] ]
*Thomas Paine (1737 – 1809), His father was a Quaker, but he was a non-religious deist. [ [ Thomas Paine Society] ]
*Hilary Douglas Clark Pepler (1878–1951), Converted to Catholicism and founded The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic. [ [ Catholic Authors] ]
*Thomas Rickman (1776-1841) an English architect and author, and a major figure in the Gothic Revival.
*Ned Rorem (b. 1923), composer [ [ Ned Rorem's 1998 statements concerning his piece for organ "Quaker Reader".] ]
*Thomas 'Clio' Rickman (1760-1834) political pampleteer, and friend of Tom Paine
*Satyananda Stokes (1882 - 1946), Raised Quaker as "Samuel Evans Stokes, Jr" he later converted to Hinduism. [ [ Tribune India] ]
*Cheryl Tiegs (born 1947; living) American model, current religious status uncertain [ [,9171,915972-6,00.html Time Magazine] : The Tiegs family went to Quaker meetings on Sundays.]
*William Weeks (1813 - 1900), Converted to Mormonism and served as an architect for them before ultimately abandoning that faith. [ [ Mormon Historical Studies 3 (1): 73-90.] ]
*Walt Whitman (1819-1892), Eminent American poet, born to Hicksite Quaker parents

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