Domestic robot

Domestic robot
First generation Roomba vacuums the carpets in a domestic environment


A domestic robot is a robot used for household chores. Thus far, there are only a few limited models, though science fiction writers and other speculators have suggested that they could become more common in the future. In 2006, Bill Gates wrote an article for Scientific American titled "A Robot in Every Home".[1][vague]

Many domestic robots are used for basic household chores, such as the Electrolux Trilobite, Roomba and the SLAM based Neato Robotics vacuum cleaner robot. Others are educational or entertainment robots, such as the HERO line of the 1980s or the AIBO. While most domestic robots are simplistic, some are connected to WiFi home networks or smart environments and are autonomous to a high degree. There were an estimated 3,540,000 service robots in use in 2006, compared with an estimated 950,000 industrial robots.[2]

Domestic robots in production

Working or chore robots

[[File:Samsung Navibot SR8855 - 20112301.JPG|thumb|right|Samsung Navibot

  • Robotic mop:
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners:
    • E-Clean EC01 (by Agait)
    • E-Clean EC01 Enhanced (by Agait) - revised version of the original EC01, got a new look and scheduling was added
    • E-Clean EC02 (by Agait) - new model with scheduling, li-ion battery and two side brushes
    • E-Clean Mini (by Agait) - one of the smallest robot vacuum on the market, very simple model, designed to clean one room only
    • CleanMate (by Infinuvo)
    • DC06 (by Dyson)
    • eVac (by The Sharper Image/ Evolution Robotics)
    • Hom-Bot (by LG) [3]
    • HomeRun FC9910 (by Philips) [4]
    • IClebo (by Yujin Robot)
    • Koolvac (by Koolatron)
    • Neato Robotics XV-11 (by Neato Robotics) - original (green) version sold in North America, methodically covers the area, uses laser range finder for mapping
    • Neato Robotics XV-12 (by Neato Robotics) - white version sold in Target (same as XV-11 with firmware 2.2 or newer)
    • Neato Robotics XV-15 (by Neato Robotics) - blue version sold in Europe (same as XV-11 with firmware 2.2 or newer)
    • Orazio (by Zuchetti)
    • Ottoro (by Hanool robotics)
    • P3 International[5]
    • picaBot[6]
    • Roomba and Dirtdog(by iRobot)
    • Robo Maxx
    • RoboMop
    • Trilobite (by Electrolux)
    • RC3000 (by Kärcher)
    • VSR8000 (by Siemens)
    • Navibot by Samsung (with camera-based navigation system, "Visionary Mapping"). [7] [8] [9] [10]
    • V-bot RV10 (by P3 International)
    • RV-88 by SungTung[11]
  • Ironing clothes:
    • Dressman (by Siemens AG).
  • Pets:
  • A towel folding robot has now been developed in the USA but is not yet for sale.[12]
Serving robot at the "Ubiquitous Dream" exhibition in Seoul, Korea on June 24, 2005

Home couriers

Home transport robots are a main element in the domestic robotic system, because they join specialized processes, moving objects at home (i.e. clothes from the bathroom to the washing machine or glasses from the table to the dishwasher):

  • STR (by Iberobotics). It includes Wi-Fi and USB connection to (domotics) network.

General helper robots

There are also general domestic helper robots, i.e. HRP-2.


[[Image:Automower.jpg|thumb|251px|Husqvarna automower in action.]]


  • Toy robots include
    • Sony's Aibo, a robot pet dog also used by many universities in the past for the RoboCup autonomous soccer competition
    • Robosapien, a small humanoid remote controlled robot
    • Furby, an electronic toy that was the must-have toy of 1998.
    • Spykee, a consumer spy robot.

Social robots

Domestic robots in popular culture

Many cartoons feature robot maids, notably Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons. Maid Robots are especially prominent in anime (in Japanese, they are called Meido Robo or Meido Roboto), and their Artificial Intelligence ranges from rudimentary to fully sentient and emotional, while their appearance ranges from obviously mechanical to human-like.

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