High Sheriff of Lincolnshire

High Sheriff of Lincolnshire

This is a list of High Sheriffs of Lincolnshire. Between 1974 and 1996 the Shrievalty in Lincolnshire was interrupted in when the County of Humberside took over the complete northern part of the county. In 1996 the northern bailiwicks reverted to Lincolnshire once more, after eight High Sheriffs of Humberside had administered the area.

*1199: Robert de Tatteshall
*1216: Nicholaa de la Haye (a woman) was appointed jointly with Philip Marc [ [http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ur2rVc42xx8C&pg=PA116&dq=%22sheriff+of+nottingham%22+%22philip+marc%22&ei=IbfQSI7fFZS4yQTr6YzqAw&client=firefox-a&sig=ACfU3U1Rj1xX8DtSSkqjqtZZVjUiwf_1nQ#PPA115,M1 English Government in the Thirteenth Century] , Adrian Jobson, retrieved 17 September 2008]
*1395: John Skipwith of Ormesby"The Baronetage of England, Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of all the Baronets now existing" Vol 2, Kimber and Johnson (1771) pp 351-6]
*1527: Sir William Skipwith Kt. of Ormesby
*Sir Anthony Irby (d. 1610) [cite web | url= http://www.thepeerage.com/p8146.htm#i81460| title= thePeerage| accessdate= 2006-12-21]
*1596: John Meres
*1630: Sir William Airmine, Bart. [Dictionary of National Biography]
*1637: Sir Anthony Irby (d. 1681) [cite web | url= http://www.thepeerage.com/p5567.htm#i55668| title= thePeerage| accessdate= 2006-12-21]
*1713: Richard Welby
*1793–1797: Sir Joseph Banks
*1828: Charles Winn
*1830: William Augustus Johnson, of Wytham on the Hill [LondonGazette|issue=18652|startpage=257|endpage=258|date=2 February 1830|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1831: Henry Bacon Hickman, of Thonnock House [LondonGazette|issue=18772|startpage=194|endpage=195|date=1 February 1831|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1832: William Hutton, of Gateburton [LondonGazette|issue=18900|startpage=254|endpage=255|date=6 February 1832|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1833: Henry Dymoke, of Scrivelsby Court [LondonGazette|issue=19019|startpage=246|date=5 February 1833|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1834: Christopher Turnor, of Stoke Rochford [LondonGazette|issue=19125|startpage=206|date=4 February 1834|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1835: Thomas Earle Welby, of Allington Hall [LondonGazette|issue=19238|startpage=235|endpage=236|date=9 February 1835|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1836: Sir Montague Cholmeley, 2nd Baronet, of Easton Hall [LondonGazette|issue=19353|startpage=223|endpage=224|date=5 February 1836|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1837: Sir Thomas Whichcote, 7th Baronet, of Aswarby [LondonGazette|issue=19462|startpage=232|endpage=233|date=31 January 1837|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1838: Sir Culling Eardley Smith, 3rd Baronet, of Nettleton [LondonGazette|issue=19586|startpage=232|date=1 February 1838|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1839: George Fieschi Heneage, of Hainton Hall [LondonGazette|issue=19704|startpage=214|date=9 February 1839|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1840: Thomas George Corbet, of Elsham Hall [LondonGazette|issue=19819|startpage=197|endpage=198|date=31 January 1840|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1841: Sir John Thorold, 11th Baronet, of Syston Park [LondonGazette|issue=19948|startpage=304|endpage=304|date=5 February 1841|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1842: Sir John Nelthorpe, 8th Baronet, of Scawby [LondonGazette|issue=20067|startpage=285|endpage=286|date=4 February 1842|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1843: George Hussey Packe, of Caythorpe [LondonGazette|issue=20192|startpage=371|endpage=372|date=1 February 1843|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1844: Hon. Charles Thomas Clifford, of Irnham [ [http://books.google.com/books?id=jc0kh800jGIC&pg=RA3-PA160&lpg=RA3-PA160 Sheriffs for the Year 1844] in "The Annual Register" for 1844, p. 160, online at books.google.com (accessed 9 September 2008)] [LondonGazette|issue=20311|startpage=347|endpage=348|date=31 January 1844|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1845: Thomas Coltman, of Hagnaby Priory [LondonGazette|issue=20439|startpage=315|endpage=316|date=4 February 1845|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1846: James Banks Stanhope, of Revesby Abbey [LondonGazette|issue=20566|startpage=361|endpage=362|date=30 January 1846|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1847: Theophilus Fairfax Johnson, of Spalding [LondonGazette|issue=20698|startpage=410|endpage=411|date=5 February 1847|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1848: Richard Ellison, of Sudbrooke Holme [LondonGazette|issue=20825|startpage=541|endpage=542|date=11 February 1848|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1849: James Whiting Yorke, of Walmsgate [LondonGazette|issue=20944|startpage=431|endpage=432|date=13 February 1849|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1851: Sir Charles Henry John Anderson [cite web | url= http://www.thepeerage.com/p12315.htm#i123147| title= thePeerage| accessdate= 2007-04-11]
*1852: George Tomline
*1866: Henry Robert Boucherett [http://books.google.com/books?vid=OCLC64053290&id=NNdkxHnE8SgC&]
*1891:Joseph Ruston, of Monk's Manor, Lincoln [LondonGazette|issue=26146|startpage=1653|date=24 March 1891|accessdate=2008-02-11]
*1950: Harry Spilman MC of Aylesby Manor
*1989–1990: Bridget Katharine Cracroft-Eley [cite web | url= http://www.thepeerage.com/p18406.htm#i184057| title= thePeerage| accessdate= 2007-01-11]
*1999: Francis Dymoke
*2002–2003: C.R. Ferens
*2003–2004: P.W.R. Pumphrey
*2005–2006: Nigel Brown
*2006–2007: Roger James Douglas [LondonGazette|issue=57921|notarchive=yes|startpage=3375|endpage=3376|date=9 March 2006|accessdate=2007-11-30]
*2007–2008: Patricia Jane Ware [LondonGazette|issue=58266|notarchive=yes|startpage=3313|date=7 March 2007|accessdate=2007-11-30]


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