Mutiny (disambiguation)

Mutiny (disambiguation)

Mutiny usually refers to the act of mutiny

Mutiny can also refer to:

In music:

  • Mutiny (band), an Australian folk punk band
  • Mutiny Within (metal band), a progressive metal band from Edison, NJ signed to Roadrunner Records
  • Mutiny (funk band), an American funk band led by Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey
  • Mutiny (punk band), an anarchist punk band from Victoria, BC
  • The Mutineers, a band that became known as Five Americans
  • Mutineer, an album by American singer/songwriter Warren Zevon
  • Mutiny!, an album released by hardcore pop punk band Set Your Goals
  • "Mutiny", a song by Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive
  • "Mutiny", a song by Australian drum and bass band Pendulum

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