Vendsyssel is the northernmost traditional district of Denmark and of Jutland. Being divided from mainland Jutland by the Limfjord, it is technically a part of the North Jutlandic Island. Vendsyssel is part of the North Jutland Region.

Vendsyssel neighbours Hanherred to the southwest and Himmerland to the south, across the Limfjord. Whether the island Læsø is also a part of Vendsyssel, is a matter of definition. The major towns of Vendsyssel are Hjørring, Frederikshavn, Brønderslev, Sæby, Hirtshals, Løkken, Nørresundby and, on its northern tip, Skagen. The dominating city is, however, Aalborg which is mainly situated outside Vendsyssel on the southern shore of the Limfjord with Nørresundby as a secondary, northern centre.


According to historians and linguists, the name Vendsyssel may be derived from the Germanic tribe of the Vandals. Syssel is an ancient form of administrative region. Vendel (Old Danish "Wændil") was also the ancient name of the Limfjord itself.


Vendsyssel is an important gatehead for transport from the European continent to Norway and Western Sweden. The European routes E39 and E45 cross the area as motorways. National route 11 connects Vendsyssel with Hanherred and Thy before crossing the Limfjord to western Jutland on the Oddesund Bridge.


Vendsyssel is linked to mainland Jutland by bridges and a tunnel:
*Limfjord Railroad Bridge (in Aalborg, linking Vendsyssel to the rail network)
*Limfjord Bridge (road, linking Nørresundby to central Aalborg)
*Limfjord Tunnel (motorway E45, east of Aalborg)
*A further bridge crossing the Limfjord west of Aalborg (carrying the E39) has been proposed.


*Frederikshavn-Hjørring-Brønderslev-Aalborg, Danish State Railways, single track, hourly Intercity trains, usually running through to Århus and Copenhagen
*Hjørring-Hirtshals, local railway (and transit to Norway)
*Frederikshavn-Skagen, local railway


"To Sweden:"
*Frederikshavn-Gothenburg (also for railway freight cars)

"To Norway:"
*Hirtshals-Kristiansand (also for railway freight cars)

"To mainland Jutland:"
*Hals-Egense (crossing the eastern mouth of the Limfjord)

"To the island of Læsø:"


*Aalborg Airport (international)
*Sindal Airport (currently no scheduled routes)

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