Anthony McCormack

Anthony McCormack

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Anthony McCormack is a presenter and producer on Melbourne's youth community radio station SYN Radio. In 2007 he was the first Creative Director of the Student Youth Network. He is an alumnus of Melbourne's Xavier College and holds an honours degree from Melbourne's Deakin University.

Student Youth Network

Anthony has been involved with a number of shows on SYN Radio. The station broadcasts in Melbourne on the 90.7 FM frequency, as well as internationally, live streaming on the Internet, at the [ SYN Website] .


Porcelain Slap was Anthony's first involvement at SYN Radio. He and his then co-host Hugh R. Macdonald hosted the sketch comedy show late Sunday nights in the latter half of 2005.After co-hosting an early morning show, Bundy, with Hugh, Anthony moved to the station's flagship drive-time show, The Wind Up.
After co-presenting Fridays with SYN favourite Lisa "Gamma" Gammaldi, Anthony moved to Tuesdays, where he co-presented with another SYN favourite, Jade. The two started the immensely successful Put Jade On Neighbours campaign. [ Click here to view their efforts.]

Since the second half of 2006, Anthony has been heavily involved in The Naughty Rude Show, an informal, interactive look at sex and relationships. The show rotates some of the more talented hosts SYN Radio has to offer to canvas a variety of different viewpoints and opinions. The Naughty Rude Show currently airs 8-10pm Sunday nights.

Anthony has also been involved with SYN shows The Cooler, Panorama and Pen Island, as well as the Get Cereal Breakfast Show. He is a regular co-host of the Sketchy at Best podcast, only available through the SYN website.

Get Cereal Breakfast Show

Anthony was the first Executive Producer of SYN's new Breakfast Show, Get Cereal. First airing on Monday the 26th of February 2007, the show featured the same three hosts five days a week - a first for SYN. It also marked SYN breakfast's return to running from 6am (as opposed to 7am.) The first hosts for the program were experienced SYN presenters Sebba Costello, Fawn Goodall and Virginia "The Colonel" Sanders. The show was designed to showcase the diversity of SYN. [ [ "Costello the younger takes a crack at public life", The Age, 21st of February, 2007] ]


In 2008 Anthony announced plans to bottle, mass produce and distribute his own line of leg wax, with production to start in his basement. He currently has no financial backers.

New career

Due to Anthony's recent failures in the pet industry, something which is never to be discussed ever again, Anthony has decided to pursue his boyhood dream of living his day to day life within the confines of a large rubber lobster suit.Anthony is yet to receive the government funding that he so heavily requires for this to be success but has started anyway to live in the giant rubber lobster suit as a form of protest, with a goal of drumming up grassroots support for his campaign. With no publicity behind his protest people do not have any idea about what his message is, what he is trying to achieve, or where to go for more information but Anthony is unfazed by this criticism, and he continues to live within the giant rubber lobster suit, mostly just walking around the city of Melbourne's various highways, again for some unknown reason.

McCormack's Kitchen

Anthony has recently adapted the hit British television show Ramsay's Kitchen to an Australia version of the show, to be called McCormack's Kitchen. A pilot is in the works for Channel Ten. While Anthony knows nothing about food or running a kitchen, he is very good at excessive swearing. He plans to wear his lobster suit for the duration of this.

New Car

Anthony has recently bought a new car.

Car Crash

Anthony was recently involved in a near fatal car crash that resulted in the writing off of his new car. The padding in the lobster suit he was wearing at the time thankfully absorbed most of the impact.


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