Ulmus 'Hertfordensis Angustifolia'

Ulmus 'Hertfordensis Angustifolia'

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The cultivar 'Hertfordensis Angustifolia' was mentioned (as "Ulmus campestris hertfordensis angustifolia") by Boulger in "Gardener's Chronicle" II. 12: 298 1879, but without description.


Loudon earlier described it as "the narrow leaved Hertfordshire Elm" in "Arb. Frut. Brit." 3: 1396 1838. Considered "probably "Ulmus carpinifolia" (: "minor") by Green Green, P. S. (1964). Registration of cultivar names in Ulmus. "Arnoldia", Vol. 24. Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University. [http://arnoldia.arboretum.harvard.edu/pdf/articles/1605.pdf] ] ,.


The tree is almost certainly lost to cultivation.


*"Ulmus campestris hertfordensis angustifolia": Boulger, in "Gardener's Chronicle" II. 12: 298, 1879


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