List of Acadians

List of Acadians

This is a list of members of the Acadian people, and people of Acadian origins.


*Patricia McKenzie - actress born in Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Painchaud family)


*Barbara Le BlancBarbara Rogers Bridges (mother was LeBlanc) Professor

Law and Politics

*Aubin-Edmond Arsenault - former Premier of Prince Edward Island
*Joseph-Octave Arsenault - first Acadian Prince Edward Island member of the Canadian Senate
*Allen J. Babineaux - District Judge, 15 JDC, Louisiana-deceased; honorary President Congres mondial acadien-1999
*Kathleen Babineaux Blanco - former (and first female) Governor of Louisiana 2004-2008
*Michel Bastarache - Supreme Court of Canada
*Edmond Blanchard - chief justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada, former politician
*Ernest Cottreau - former senator
*Chris d'Entremont - Nova Scotia MLA, Minister of Health and Acadian Affairs
*Paul Octave Hébert - Governor of Louisiana 1853-1856
*Neil LeBlanc - Consul General to Boston, Massachusetts, and former Nova Scotia MLA, Minister of Finance
*Roméo LeBlanc - politician and journalist, former Governor-General of Canada
*Viola Léger - former senator and actress
*Alexandre Mouton - Governor of Louisiana 1842-1846
*Warren Perrin - Louisiana attorney, President-CODOFIL, instituted Acadian petition to British Crown for apology for Acadian deportation
*Louis Robichaud - former Premier of New Brunswick
*Michel Samson - Nova Scotia MLA, Liberal Party of Nova Scotia
*John Sevier - served four years (1785–1789) as the only governor of the State of Franklin and twelve years (1796–1801 and 1803–1809) as Governor of Tennessee, and as a U.S. Representative from Tennessee
*Camille Thériault - former Premier of New Brunswick
*Robert Thibault - Canadian Liberal MP
*Peter J. Veniot - former Premier of New Brunswick
*John D.Comeau - Chief Judge of the Family Court of Nova Scotia 1999 to present
*John Brault - United States Senator from Louisiana


*Marcel Aymar - singer
*Julie Doiron - singer-songwriter
*Angèle Arsenault - singer-songwriter, media host
*Jean-François Breau - singer
*Édith Butler - singer-songwriter
*Cayouche - Country singer and songwriter
*Patsy Gallant - singer and actress
*Carolyne Jomphe - Country singer and songwriter
*Wilfred Le Bouthillier - singer
*Natasha St-Pier - singer
*Marie-Jo Thério - singer-songwriter
*Roch Voisine - singer-songwriter
*Zachary Richard - singer - songwriter
*Michael Doucet - singer - songwriter - Beausoleil
*Marc Savoy - singer - accordion maker
*Jesse Daigle - singer - songwriter - guitarist
*Aliza Weller (Boudreau) - Michelle Boudreau's cousin - singer-songwriter-guitarist
*Michelle Boudreau (Aliza Weller's cousin) - singer-songwriter-musician


*Jean Béliveau - Hockey Hall of Famer
*Ray Bourque - Hockey Hall of Famer
*Luc Bourdon - NHL hockey player
*Rheal Cormier - Major League Baseball pitcher
*Yvon Durelle - Boxer
*René Duprée - Wrestler
*Suzanne Gaudet - curler
*Cassidy O'Reilly - professional wrestler
*Maurice Richard - Hockey Hall of Famer
*Ron Guidry - Major League baseball pitcher
*Ryan Theriot - Major League Baseball infielderRoger Chiasson - Major Hockey Player


*Georges Arsenault - PEI Acadian Historian
*Jeannette Belliveau - Writer, publisher, cultural geographer
*Régis Brun - Acadian Historian and Researcher at the U of Moncton
*Herménégilde Chiasson - Writer
*Joey Comeau - Writer, comic creator
*Clive Doucet - Writer
*Sheila Collins Hebert - Writer
*Barbara Le Blanc - Writer & Historian
*Claude Le Bouthillier - historian writer [ list of novels]
*Justin Guitard - Writer, poet & playwright
*Gérald Leblanc - Poet
*Antonine Maillet - Writer and playwright
*Colin Doucette - Short story writer


*Robert Aubie - Marshal McLuhan Distinguished Teacher Award 1987 - First in Canada
*Louis J. Belliveau - Nuclear physicist
* Kimberley d'Eon - Producer, writer, reporter and Gemini Award nominee
*Blake O. Escudier - Entrepreneur and Professor
*Lyse Doucet - news correspondent & presenter, BBC World
*Leo Touchet - Photographer/Photojournalist
*Michel Doucet - Painter

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