ECS can refer to:

In electronics

* Elitegroup Computer Systems, a Taiwan-based electronics firm
* (Amiga) Enhanced Chip Set for the Commodore Amiga computer

In technology

* Engineer's degree in computer science ("Engineer in Computer Science")
* Engineering Consulting Services Construction Materials Testing, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering and Design Firm, Based in Chantilly, Virginia.
* Electrochemical series, a method in chemistry of listing ions in order of their standard electrode potentials
* Environmental Consultancy Service, an Australian based environmental management company
* Environmental Control System, the system which provides thermal control and pressurization for an aircraft or spacecraft
* Written as "eCS" it usually means eComStation, a computer operating system
* Enterprise Collaboration Systems, a type of software for communication within groups
* Hong Kong Joint School Electronics and Computer Society, a student-based society in Hong Kong


* The school of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton
* Evangelical Christian School, a private, Christian school in Cordova, Tennessee
* Elysian Charter School, a school in the United States


* East China Sea, a part of the Pacific Ocean
* East Coast Swing, a popular form of swing dancing
* Eberron Campaign Setting, a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons
* Ecuadorian sucre, former currency of Ecuador
* Economy class syndrome
* The slang name for Ecstasy (drug), a synthetic drug
* Electronic Clearing Service, a clearing house setup by RBI, India.
* Embodied cognitive science, a field of research aiming to explain the mechanisms underlying intelligent behavior
* Emerald Isle Community Singers, a Montserratian musical ensemble
* Empty Coaching Stock, a type of train use to move passenger carriages from depot to station
* Europe Caribbean Service, a maritime line in the CMA CGM company
* Écs, a village in Hungary
* The Electrochemical Society, the Society for Solid-State and Electrochemical science and Technology.

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