Black light theatre

Black light theatre

Black Light Theatre (in Czech "černé divadlo") or simply 'Black Theatre', is a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. This form of theatre is originating from Asia and can be found in many places around the world. It has become a speciality of Prague, where many theatres use it.

The distinctive characteristics of 'black theatre' are the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and 'black lighting' (UV light), paired with fluorescent costumes in order, to create intricate visual illusions. This "black cabinet" technique was used by Georges Melies, and by theatre revolutionary Stanislavsky. The technique, paired with the expressive artistry of dance, mime and acrobatics of the performers is able to create remarkable spectacles.

The theatre of Radek Brzobohatý "DRBlack Light THEAtre" has developed a new style of black light theatre, in which black light is combined with conventional theatre lighting,

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