FIRA - Association of European Rugby

FIRA - Association of European Rugby

FIRA was formed in 1934 to promote, develop, organise and administer the game of rugby union in Europe outside the authority of the International Rugby Board (the world governing body of rugby union). It became integrated into the IRB in the 90s.


* Seniors Championship also known as European Nations Cup
* Women's European Championship
* European Regions Cup
* European VIIs Circuit
* European VIIs Championship
* European U18 Championship
* European U20 Championship
* European U18 Tournament & Championship
* World U19 Championship (defunct)
* European U20 Tournament
* U21 Rugby Union World Cup (defunct)



For many years, the sport’s authorities had suspected that the governing body of French rugby union, the French Rugby Federation (FRF) was allowing the abuse of the rules on amateurism, and in 1931 the French Rugby Union was suspended from playing against the other IRB nations.

In 1934 the Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur (FIRA) was formed at the instigation of the French. It was designed to organise rugby union outside the authority of the International Rugby Board. It included the national teams of Italy, France, Spain, Catalonia, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Germany.


In 1990s the FIRA recognised the IRB as the governing body of rugby union world wide and after negotiations with the IRB, it agreed to integrate itself within the IRB. In 1999 it changed its name to "FIRA – Association of European Rugby" (FIRA-A.E.R.), to promote and rule over rugby union in the European area and to run the junior world championship. FIRA-A.E.R. organised both the under-19 and under-21 world championships until IRB folded them into the under-20 Junior World Championship and Junior World Trophy in 2008.

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