ToME (video game)

ToME (video game)

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title = Tales of Middle Earth

developer = DarkGod, et al.
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version = 2.3.5 (May 5 2008)
released = 1998
genre = Roguelike game
modes = Single-player
Multiplayer ("TomeNET")
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"ToME", or "Tales (or Troubles) of Middle Earth", is a roguelike computer game created in 1998 as an "Angband" variant. The game originally derived from "ZAngband" source code but now differs greatly from it, serving as the basis for many of its own derivative "modules". The game is set in J. R. R. Tolkien's Arda. Other influences include H. P. Lovecraft and Roger Zelazny's Amber universe, inherited from "Cthangband" and "ZAngband", respectively.

There is also a multiplayer version of "ToME", called "TomeNET".


The player creates a character from an extended list of races and classes, ranging from Dúnedain warriors to Elven magi. The player then explores the world of Middle-earth, destroying monsters, finding items, and gaining power, with the ultimate goal to destroy Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.

Important features of "ToME" which are not present in "Angband" include:

*Skill points based character progression
*Special levels/quests
*Multiple dungeons and towns with a large wilderness
*New schools of magic-based spell system
*Leveling artifacts and monsters
*Support for modules (partial variants based entirely on scripts)


The game was originally known as "PernAngband", a crossover that placed characters from Anne McCaffrey's fictional Pern setting into that of Tolkien. It had attracted a substantial online community by the time it came under legal threat from McCaffrey and Ubisoft, which had licensed several games related to Pern. Most elements of Pern had already been removed from "PernAngband"; after removal of the remaining elements the game was renamed as "ToME".

"ToME" is under active development. The game, along with its source code, is freely distributed under a license that allows sharing and modification but prohibits commercial use.

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