ABC Daytime

ABC Daytime

"ABC Daytime (ABC-D)" is a programming block on the ABC Network. The Disney-ABC Television Group named Brian Frons the president of the newly created "Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group" in May 2006. The promotion elevated Frons from his position as head of ABC Daytime, a position he has served in since August 2002. [ MickeyNews] Frons' boss is Anne Sweeney (Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks & President, Disney-ABC Television Group).


Pat Fili-Krushel (1993-1998) [,,272086,00.html?print] , Angela Shapiro (1998 - August 2002) and Barbara Bloom served as President and Vice President, respectively, of ABC-D during the 1990s. From 1996-2000, Bloom ran the West Coast daytime programming department. During her tenure in this position, she developed and oversaw "Port Charles", supervised all creative aspects of "General Hospital", oversaw the production of General Hospital's 35th Anniversary Special, and was responsible for the concept and execution of the ABC Daytime Press bestseller, "Robin's Diary", which spent 13 weeks on the New York Times best seller list.

Terry Cacavio [] , a former long time producer of "All My Children", is the Director of Programming-East Coast. After leaving Procter & Gamble Productions' "As The World Turns", Felicia Minei Behr served as Senior Vice President from 2000 to 2004. [] Sue Johnson (joined ABC-D in 1993 as executive assistant to the president of ABC-D, was promoted to Programming coordinator, then to director, Talent Development.), former head of CBS Daytime, serves as Vice President, Talent Development and Director of Programming-East Coast, Mary Burch served as Director of Programming-West Coast, Maxine Levinson served as Vice President, Dona Coper was Senior Vice President of Character Development.

Its main competitors are CBS Daytime and NBC Daytime.


ABC Daytime Schedule (October 2003 - Present; NOTE: All times Eastern; "affiliate schedules differ")

Criticism and controversy

*When Megan McTavish returned as Head Writer of AMC in July 2003, she faced criticism for a story that depicted the rape of a lesbian character, Bianca Montgomery. [ [ The Advocate: The Rape of Bianca Montgomery] ] "AMC" also faced opposition to its recent story of a transgender character in 2006.
*ABC Daytime scrapped a storyline on "OLTL" which was to depict a school shooting rampage the day the Virginia Tech massacre occurred on April 17 2007. [ [ ABC News: Daytime Drama Pulls Episodes Involving High School Hostage Situation ] ]
*The Writers Guild of America East filed arbitration suits against ABC-D, claiming that they violated the strike-termination agreement by retaining replacement writers (those who choose Financial Core Status) who filled in during the strike on "All My Children" instead of bringing back the writers who had been on strike.

“The strike-termination agreement does not allow the retention of replacement writers in lieu of allowing striking writers to return to their jobs. [ABC-D] are clearly violating this agreement,” said Ira Cure, senior counsel for the WGA East, in a statement. “They have left us no other option but to file arbitrations to ensure that our members will be afforded their rights outlined under this agreement.” [ Broadcasting & Cable: Arbitration Suit Against ABC-D]

"The View"

*Debut: August 11, 1997
*Creators: Barbara Walters, Bill Geddie [;_ylt=A0geu8cYNHhHczYAxMRXNyoA?p=%22Bill+Geddie%22&fr=yfp-t-203&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=CA&rd=r1&meta=vc%3Dca]
*Producing Team: Bill Geddie (Executive Producer), B. Walters, Alexandra Cohen
*Directing Team: Mark Gentile []
*Hosts: Whoopi Goldberg (moderator), Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd

"All My Children"

*Debut: January 5, 1970
*Creator: Agnes Nixon
*Producing Team: Julie Hanan Carruthers (Executive Producer), Ginger Smith, Karen Johnson, [;_ylt=A0geu8ZtNHhHCWoAx3VXNyoA?p=%22Nadine+Aronson%22&fr=yfp-t-203&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=CA Nadine Aronson] , Barry Gingold, Joann Busiglio, Enza Dolce
*Directing Team: Casey Childs, Joe Cotugno, Steven Williford ( [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] ), Conal O'Brien, Angela Tessinari ( [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] ), Barbara M. Simmons [;_ylt=A0geu6HgNHhH8IUBTRdXNyoA?p=%22Barbara+M.+Simmons%22&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-203&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=CA&rd=r1&meta=vc%3Dca] , Michael V. Pomarico, Sam Nicholson, Jen Minda
*Head Writer: Charles Pratt Jr.
*Other Writers: Chip Hayes, Kate Hall, Hope Harmel Smith, Amanda L. Beall, Jeff Beldner, Addie Walsh, Joanna Cohen, Rebecca Taylor
*Casting Director: Judy Blye Wilson; Robert Lambert

"One Life to Live"

*Debut: July 15, 1968
*Creators: Agnes Nixon
*Producing Team: Frank Valentini (Executive Producer), Suzanne Flynn, John Tumino, Shelley Honigbaum, Jacqueline Van Belle
*Directing Team: Jill Ackles, Mary Ryan, Larry Carpenter, Danielle Faraldo, Bruce S. Cooperman, Tracy Casper Lang ( [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] , [] ), Richard Manfredi ( [] [] [] ), Jill Mitwell, Gary Donatelli, Howie Zeidman [;_ylt=A0geu7UvWthHUyMB0.xXNyoA?p=%22Howie+Zeidman%22&fr=yfp-t-501&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=CA&rd=r1&meta=vc%3Dca] , Paul Glass, Teresa Anne Cicala, Alan Needleman
*Head Writer: Ron Carlivati
*Creative Consultant: Brian Frons
*Breakdown Writers: Chris Van Etten, Anna Cascio, Shelly Altman, Janet Iacobuzio
*Script & Other Writers: Gary Tomlin, Elizabeth Page, Jeanne Marie Ford, Aida Croal, Tamiko Brooks, Carolyn Culliton, Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Frances Myers
*Casting Director: Julie Ann Madison

"General Hospital"

*Debut: April 1, 1963
*Creators: Frank Hursley & Doris Hursley
*Producing Team: Jill Farren Phelps (Executive Producer), Mary O'Leary, Mercer Barrows, Michelle Henry, Deborah Genovese
*Directing Team: Matthew Diamond, Craig McManus, William Ludel, Phideaux Xavier, Scott McKinsey, Owen Renfroe, Penny Pengra, Christine Magarian, Ron Cates [;_ylt=A0oGkybwPmNHXvMAEi9XNyoA?p=%22Ron+Cates%22+%22General+Hospital%22&fr=yfp-t-501&ei=UTF-8&fp_ip=CA&rd=r1&meta=vc%3Dca] , Peter Fillmore, Ronald C. Cates, Dave MacLeod
*Head Writer: Robert Guza Jr.
*Associate Head Writer/Script Editor: Elizabeth Korte
*Story Consultant: Brian Frons
*Breakdown Writers: Garin Wolf, Jim Reitzel, Michael Conforti, Heidi Ploen, Sasha Cartullo, Nathan Fissel, David Goldschmid, Meg Bennett
*Script Writers: Susan Wald (playwright) [] , Michele Val Jean, Mary Sue Price, Tracey Thomson, Karen Harris, Elizabeth Korte, Garin Wolf, Michael Conforti
*Casting Directors: Mark Teschner, Gwen Hillier

Past shows on ABC Daytime

oap operas

*"The Best of Everything" (1970)
*"The City" (1995-1997)
*"Dark Shadows" (1966-1971)
*"Edge of Night" (1975-1984 "ABC", previously on CBS)
*"A Flame in the Wind" (1964-1966)
*"Loving" (1983-1995)
*"Never Too Young" (1965-1966)
*"The Nurses" (1965-1967)
*"Port Charles" (1997-2003)
*"Ryan's Hope" (1975-1989)
*"A World Apart" (1970-1971)
*"The Young Marrieds" (1964-1966)

Game shows

ABC was the first of the Big Three television networks to abandon the daytime game show, cancelling its last game shows, "All-Star Blitz" and "Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak", during the 1985-86 season. It briefly returned to the format in summer 1987 with "Bargain Hunters" and again during the 1990-91 season with a revival of "Match Game" but since then has not returned. All daytime game shows (currently, only one, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?") are now handled by ABC's syndication wing, Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

*"The $10,000 Pyramid", later "The $20,000 Pyramid" (1974-1980, previously and later on CBS, also syndicated)
*"All Star Blitz" (1985)
*"The Better Sex" (1977-1978)
*"The Big Showdown" (1974-1975)
*"Blankety Blanks" (1975)
*"Break the Bank" (1976, later syndicated)
*"Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak" (1986)
*"Camouflage" (1961-1962, later syndicated)
*"The Dating Game" (1965-1973, later syndicated)
*"Dream House" (1968-1970, later NBC)
*"Everybody's Talking" (1967, later on CBS as "Hollywood's Talking")
*"Get the Message" (1964)
*"Family Feud" (1976-1985, also syndicated, later on CBS)
*"The Family Game" (1967)
*"The Honeymoon Race" (1967)
*"Hot Seat" (1976)
*"How's Your Mother-in-Law?" (1967-1968)
*"Let's Make a Deal" (1968-1976, previously and later on NBC, also syndicated)
*"Match Game" (1990-1991, previously on NBC and CBS, also syndicated)
*"Missing Links" (1964, previously on NBC)
*"The Money Maze" (1974-1975)
*"Number Please" (1961)
*"One in a Million" (1967)
*"The Neighbors" (1975-1976)
*"The Newlywed Game" (1966-1974, 1984, also syndicated)
*"The Object Is" (1963-1964)
*"Password" (1971-1975, previously on CBS, later on NBC)
*"The Price Is Right" (1963-1965, previously on NBC, later on CBS and syndicated)
*"Rhyme and Reason" (1975-1976)
*"Second Chance" (1977)
*"Seven Keys" (1961-1964)
*"Showoffs" (1975)
*"Split Second" (1972-1975, later syndicated)
*"Supermarket Sweep" (1965-1967, later on cable)
*"Temptation" (1967-1968)
*"Trivia Trap" (1984-1985)
*"Who Do You Trust?" (1957-63)
*"You Don't Say" (1975, previously on NBC, later syndicated)
*"Yours for a Song" (1961-1963)
*"The ABC Afternoon Playbreak" []

Ratings history

For the 2007-2008 season, ABC wa first place in Women 18-49 (1.3 rating/883,000 viewers) [Source: NTI, Live + Same Day, 2007/08 Season: 9/24/07-9/21/08]

Latest ratings

Week of July 21-25, 2008: (Last Week/Last Year)
*1. "The Young and the Restless" 5,071,000 (+178,000/-428,000)
*2. "The Bold and the Beautiful" 3,602,000 (+222,000/-123,000)
*3. "General Hospital" 2,834,000 (-124,000/-470,000)
*4. "One Life to Live" 2,759,000 (+102,000/-441,000)
*5. "As the World Turns" 2,712,000 (+141,000/-140,000)
*6. "All My Children" 2,667,000 (+100,000/-434,000)
*7. "Days of our Lives" 2,521,000 (+209,000/-319,000)
*8. "Guiding Light" 2,345,000 (+153,000/-191,000)


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* [ ABC Daytime]
* [ Disney•ABC-TV Group Talent Development]

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