Cock tease

Cock tease

Cock tease (sometimes cock-tease or cocktease) is derisive sexual slang used to describe a woman who acts in a sexual manner to seduce men without actually fulfilling the sexual actions. The term has been in use in Great Britain and the United States since the 19th century.[1] More recently, it has also been used to describe a man behaving in a similar manner, especially a straight man deemed by a gay man to be behaving flirtatiously towards him with no intention of going any further.

The phrase is also used metaphorically, as an allusion to any similarly frustrating teasing done by someone else irrespective of whether it is sexual or not.


Uses in media

The term has been widely used in popular culture.

Literal sense


  • "This film will come off as one extended cock-tease, never giving them the very thing trailers made them think they’d be getting." (Review of The Ringer)[2]
  • "The Bird Flu Is A Cock-Tease" and "UPDATE: Bird Flu Still a Cock-Tease!" (essays on avian flu, using cock as a double entendre meaning male bird and penis)[3][4]


  • The unrated DVD version of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story includes scenes cut from the theatrical release of the title character in a brief late-1970s marriage to Cheryl Tiegs, playing herself with the name "Cheryl Cox-Tiegs".


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