End Game (The X-Files)

End Game (The X-Files)

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Caption = "End Game"
Series = The X-Files
Season = 2
Episode = 2X17
Airdate = February 17 1995
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Writer = Frank Spotnitz
Director = Rob Bowman
Guests = Colin Cunningham
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"End Game" was the seventeenth episode of the second season of "The X-Files" science-fiction television series created by Chris Carter.


An alien bounty hunter kidnaps Scully and wants to trade her for Mulder's sister, Samantha. Mulder asks for Skinner's help in making the trade, and has the FBI Director set up a sniper to take down the bounty hunter. The sniper shoots- but not before the bounty hunter can kill Samantha, and they both fall off a bridge.

Upset over the loss of his sister, Mulder meets with his father, who tells him she had left him a note before she had left their parent's house. Mulder soon discovers that the woman claiming to be Samantha was a clone. The note from the clone leads Mulder to the other clones of his sister. The bounty hunter follows him and kills the clones but spares Mulder's life. Without telling Scully, Mulder leaves after him, when X tells where his ship is. Meanwhile Scully tries to figure out where Mulder has gone.

Mulder catches up with the bounty hunter but is no match for him. The bounty hunter informs Mulder that his sister is still alive, and then infects him with a deadly retrovirus. With the help of Director Skinner, Scully is able to follow Mulder's trail, and eventually assist doctors who have recovered Mulder's body.


Recurring Roles

*Steven Williams - X
*Bonnie Hay - Field Doctor
*Peter Donat - William Mulder
*Brian Thompson - Bounty Hunter
*Mitch Pileggi - Assistant Director Walter Skinner

Guest Stars

*Garry Davey - Captain
*Andrew Johnston - Agent Weiss
*Allan Lysell - Gardner
*J. B. Bivens - Sharpshooter
*Oliver Becker - 2nd Doctor
*Beatrice Zeilinger - Paramedic
*Megan Leitch - Samantha Mulder
*Colin Cunningham - Lt. Terry Wilmer

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