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The Misanthropic Bitch (TMB) was a personal blog maintained by a person who referred to herself by the same title. Although originally referred to as a zine, TMB represented one of the earliest online personal "blogs,"The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form, "blog," was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase "we blog" in the sidebar of his blog in April or May of 1999. This was quickly adopted as both a noun and verb ("to blog," meaning "to edit one's weblog or to post to one's weblog"). cite news|url=|title=It's the links, stupid|publisher=The Economist|date=2006-04-20|accessdate=2006-07-21 cite web|url=||last=Merholz|first=Peter|publisher=The Internet Archive|date=1999|accessdate=2006-07-21 cite web|url=|last=Kottke|first=Jason|authorlink=Jason Kottke||date=August 26, 2003|accessdate=2006-07-21] having originally appeared in 1997. One of her most widely-known quotes is "Nothing can make one a misogynist faster than being born a woman."Bell, Katy. "Cyberb***h". San Francisco Metropolitan, April 17, 2000.]

The blog is often cited by other websites as a means of supporting a number of often controversial and opposing viewpoints, including Childfree By Choice,Child Free By Choice [] ] and White Male Supremacy/MisogynyEndangered Species: The White Male [] ] , among others [ cult of the ] ] [ Backwash - Content - BtchGoddess on the Edge ] ] , and has been cited by columnists including Stephen MacMillan Moser at the Austin Chronicle.Moser, Stephen MacMillan. "After A Fashion: Nutritious Gossip". The Austin Chronicle. June 6, 2003. [] ]


The concept of TMB was a 19-year-old journalism student (in 1997)TMB Website: ffgg.html] , and self-described misanthropic bitch who comments on current events, society, politics, pornography, etc. The vast majority of the writing was presented as being unapologetically controversial. The website was deliberately non-politically correct, with TMB expressing iconoclastic views geared specifically against what would be considered societal norms. In particular, the most recurring theme she steadfastly maintained was her antipathy toward children and parenthood.Kill Ugly TV Interview with The Misanthropic Bitch [] ] She stated that she does not like children or ever intend to have any, opined that society places an irrational emphasis on children and parenthood, criticized Megan’s Law for de-emphasizing parental responsibilityTMB Website: save_the_children.html] , and excoriated pregnant teenagers as "poster children for forced euthanasia"Chonin, Nena. The Call of the Bitches, Renegade pundits sound off on the Web. Special for SFGate Chronicle. June 15, 2001.] TMB Website: hot_pregnant_teens_here.html] . She also claimed to have almost undergone a tubal ligation, which her doctor refused to perform as she was "too young" (doctors generally will not perform this procedure on women under a certain age who have not yet had children)TMB Website: tubal.html] .

Controversial stances

TMB openly mocked much-beloved public figures after their deaths, such as John F. Kennedy Jr.TMB Website: kennedy.html] , Mother Theresa and Diana, Princess of Wales, whom she regarded as a "pathetic slut"TMB Website: toot.html] . She leveled criticism at Terri Schiavo's parents and their advocates for their treatment of Michael SchiavoTMB Website: theone.html] , criticized various aspects organized religion in general, and the Catholic Church in particularTMB Website: patriotism.html] TMB Website: myspeech.html] TMB Website: father.html] , criticized PETA TMB Website: peta.html] , opined that the suing of tobacco companies ignores the fact that cigarettes were long-known to be unhealthy since the late 1800s TMB Website: killer_cigs.html] , indicated that she is against affirmative action because it is little more than "hand-holding", TMB Website: we_always_knew_they_were_stupid.html] and wrote articles satirical of homophobia TMB Website: homosexual_agenda.html] and creationism TMB Website: evolution.html] .

TMB advocated legalized pornographyTMB Website ban_porn.html] , legalized abortion TMB Website: slappy.html] , removing the words "Under God" from the American Pledge of Allegiance, and the return of Elian Gonzalez to his father in Cuba in 2000TMB Website: goback.html] .

Among the controversial topics covered on The Misanthropic Bitch::- Child porn (TMB herself claimed to have been (or attempted caustic humor about beingArchived version of old TMB Website: "Being Fucked-up is Trendy" [] ] TMB Website: faq.html] ) molested by her father during her childhood):- Racism:- AIDS:- Elian Gonzalez:- Terri Schiavo:- 9/11Chicago Sun Times 9/11 forum [] ] :- Domestic violence:- Teenage pregnancy

TMB was evicted from (her original web host) by the administrator after a personal disagreement regarding the 9/11 attacks. The most productive period for the blog was from its inception until 2001, and updates noticeably declined in later years until the blog went offline in 2007. The domain was later sold.


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