List of recurring characters on 30 Rock

List of recurring characters on 30 Rock

This is a list of recurring minor characters on the NBC sitcom "30 Rock".

Regularly recurring characters

This section is for supporting characters who appear in almost every episode, but who do not receive star billing.


Infobox character

name = "Jonathan"
first = "Pilot"
gender = Male
age = mid to late 20s
born =
occupation = Assistant to Jack Donaghy
portrayer = Maulik Pancholy
creator = Tina Fey

Jack's obedient assistant. Jonathan is clearly obsessively in love with Jack, in a similar situation to The Simpsons's Waylon Smithers, going so far as to make a giant collage of pictures of the two of them as a gift to Jack (which is turned down). When Liz said Jack was a "bit of a stress eater" in "The Baby Show," Jonathan was very defensive of him, saying "he puts up with so much," presumably referring to Jack's overbearing mother. The show has yet to give Jonathan a last name or specify his ethnic background. However, when Liz said that she suspected her middle-eastern neighbor of being a terrorist, Jonathan was visibly upset. When not pining for his employer, he can usually be seen racing into Jack's office in a panic at the mere sight of bad news for his beloved boss.

Grizz and Dot Com

Infobox character

name = "Grizz" and "Dot Com"
first = "Pilot"
gender = Male
age = 30s
born =
occupation = Tracy's entourage
portrayer = Grizz Chapman and Kevin Brown
creator = Tina Fey

"Grizz" Griswold and "Dot Com" Slattery form Tracy's entourage. In "Pilot", Tracy's entourage was composed of four muscle-bound black men, but later episodes have pared it down to two. As revealed in "The Rural Juror" and "Hard Ball", Grizz is Tracy's money manager and in charge of sitting on him when he gets overstimulated while Dot Com is Tracy's driver and cook. It is also in "Hard Ball" that their last names are mentioned.

Grizz tends to make unexpectedly emotional observations about the show's proceedings, such as "this is a really special day!" and "it's like a rollercoaster ride of emotion in here!" Grizz was entrusted with keeping Tracy's finances in order, until he invested much of his money in WorldCom. According to Tracy he is "obsessed with telecommunications." Grizz has also been accused of teaching Tracy about anagrams.

Dot Com appears to be the more articulate and sensible member of the entourage. He suggests going to Las Vegas to "buy a bunch of sarcophagi" to celebrate the aid of a "de-throned prince of Nigeria," and refuses to join in on Tracy's irrational plan to escape Ridikolous in the episode "The Source Awards." He hopes to one day get an iPhone, because then "e'rybody gon' be jealous." After Jack tells him that his need to be the smartest person in any conversation is off-putting, Dot Com ruefully notes "that's probably why I'm still single."

In "Greenzo", we find out that for some reason they hope that nerdy show regular Josh will find them cool, after they cook up fake information about Kenneth Parcell's upcoming party. We also learn that Grizz and Dot Com are the biggest gossips at TGS. At the party, which becomes a wildly disturbing bacchanalia, Liz did something possibly involved with kissing and striking Grizz that caused both Grizz and Dot Com to cry, and Grizz looks visibly upset the next day.


Infobox character

name = "Lutz"
first = "Pilot"
"The Aftermath" (first speaking part)
gender = Male
age = 30s
born =
occupation = Staff writer on "TGS"
portrayer = John Lutz
creator = Tina Fey

J. D. Lutz is the most prominently featured of the writers after Liz, Frank, Josh, and Toofer. Lutz is portrayed as a lazy, overweight man who eats a great deal.

Lutz was the one who called Liz the cunt in "The C Word". Also in "The C Word", it is stated that he was originally from Alaska, where he hated it, and that his grandmother recently died. His first two initials were mentioned in "The Aftermath", where it was also stated that he has a thyroid problem. In "The Baby Show", Lutz says that he likes to get yelled at during sex. He also mentions that he attended Oberlin College and that after his junior year there he roadtripped to SXSW. [ [ NBC Video Rewind ] ]

In "MILF Island" he claims that he has had a makeover and even shops at American Eagle Outfitters, but Frank tells him that he is still the dirtbag he's always been.

Other recurring characters

This section is for recurrent characters who do not not make regular appearances.

Celeste Cunningham

Infobox character
name = Celeste Cunningham
series = 30 Rock

caption =
first = "Somebody to Love"
last = "Cooter"
cause = Broke Up with Jack Donaghy
creator = Tina Fey
Kay Cannon
portrayer = Edie Falco
episode = 3
nickname = C.C.
alias = Mr. Spoonatelli
species =
gender = Female
age = 44
born = 1964
death =
specialty =
occupation = Congresswoman
title = D-Vermont
callsign =
residence = Washington, D.C.
religion =
nationality =
imdb_id =

Celeste "C.C." Cunningham is the Congresswoman for the state of Vermont. She is a Democrat.

C.C., as she is most commonly known, is first introduced in the episode "Somebody to Love" at a cocktail party honouring Robert Novak. At the party, she meets Jack Donaghy. Jack and C.C. end up sleeping together. Soon after, Jack discovers she is a Democratic Congresswoman from Vermont and she is also trying to sue NBC's fictitious parent company, "The Sheinhardt Wig Company", for apparently dumping some "Auburn Fantasy Dye Number 260" into the Chickatagua River which turned the children of Chickatagua orange.

Despite Jack and C.C.'s conflicting political beliefs, they decide to pursue a relationship, which is at first kept secret. Jack and C.C. reveal their relationship in Jack's executive dining room.

Due to job related commitments and the fact that Jack lives in New York and C.C. lives in Washington, D.C., they decide to break up. However, she returns in "Cooter" and approves development of a gay bomb to help get Jack fired from his position in Washington.

Dennis Duffy

Infobox character

name = "Dennis Duffy"
first = "Jack Meets Dennis"
last =
gender = Male
age = 30s
occupation = Beeper salesman
title = "The Beeper King"
family = Teddy (cousin)
portrayer = Dean Winters
creator = Jack Burditt

Dennis Duffy was Liz's sleazeball boyfriend for three consecutive episodes in the early part of the show's first season. Dennis is the last remaining beeper salesman in New York City and has been known as "The Beeper King" since the original "Beeper King" killed himself. Liz first met Dennis in late 2002 or early 2003 at a screening of the film "The Hours" when they independently said that it should be called "The Weeks". She was dating him about a year before the first season (2005), but they ended up breaking up. In the episode "Jack Meets Dennis", she takes Dennis back simply because he asked.

Although Liz did not enjoy dating him and, in fact, did not like being seen in public with him, she could not seem to end it with him despite Jack and Jenna's encouragements. In "Tracy Does Conan" he was seen doing the maze on the back of a cereal box and complaining about how easy it was. He is a very devoted fan of the New York Islanders, stating that he had no reason left to live when they lost a game.

Unfortunately his behavior and attitude would start getting to Liz after she took him back and allowed him to move in with her, when he began messing up her hair before she went to work by giving her noogies, used her computer to download a video game ("Halo 2"), called her constantly (even to ask her to call for Nickelback tickets while using her computer to download the aforementioned game), breaking the wall to make room for a TV, babysitting a Great Dane, despite knowing that Liz is allergic to dogs (he says allergies are all mental), and allowing his cousin Teddy to stay with them (after "he was running with some black guys [who were cops] and one pulled a gun on him"). He even visited her at work at unlikely times, peddling his wares, with Jack buying some of his beepers.

In the episode "The Break Up," Dennis's behavior pushes Liz to the breaking point. She finally dumps Dennis and orders him to leave ASAP. The following day, Dennis shows up with a good-bye note at her job with an apology, prompting everyone to feel sorry for Dennis, even Jack and Jenna. According to his apology, Liz's leaving him marked the first time he cried since the 1986 World Series. Dennis later privately explained to Jack how he manipulates Liz:

Liz decides to write a series of pros and cons about what she likes about him, prompting her to realize that Dennis wasn't that bad after all. When Liz returns home, she finds her place back to normal with an apology note left by Dennis, who later stops by to see how she is doing with a gift for her and afterwards let him in to finish the take-out Chinese dinner she ordered. But as he goes into the kitchen she sits down to watch "Dateline NBC", where she sees a hidden camera investigation that reveals Dennis is an online sexual predator, who was hoping to meet a sixteen-year-old, claiming he thought she was twenty-two. After Dennis sees Liz watching the program he tries to turn it off, but a fuming Liz throws him out, this time for good.

However, like a bad penny, Dennis turns up once again in Subway Hero when he saves a person who fell in front of a speeding train. Dennis acts like his old blowhard self and Liz isn't happy he's around, but is forced to deal with him because Jack wants Dennis featured on NBC's "Today" show. Jenna is aghast that Liz seems to be falling back into a relationship with Dennis, but Liz says she doesn't have to be nice, smart, or even hygienic around Dennis. Dennis proposes to Liz and she realizes that's a bad idea and refuses; Dennis' rude, stupid comments afterwards return him to pariah status (the fact that he managed to lose the Stanley Cup didn't' help), and Liz is furious after he tries to push her in front of another subway train to be a hero again. She tells him to get lost and walks away, but Dennis says "You'll be back, Dummy."

In the episode "Cooter", Liz has a pregnancy scare in which she believes she's pregnant with Dennis's baby, yet it turns out that Liz had eaten Mexican cheese puffs, which contained an ingredient (bull semen) that made her home pregnancy tests give false positives.

List of pros and cons on Dennis

In "The Break Up", Jenna suggests that Liz make a list of pros and cons about Dennis to help her to decide to break up with him or not. Her pros and cons on him were as follows:
* Pros
** Basically nice
** Takes good care of his feet
** Makes good chili
** Remembers my birthday
** Rarely wants to do it
** Is funny when he goofs on his friends
** Doesn't care about money
** Loyal
** Too lazy to cheat
** Would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kids
** Loves "The Simpsons"
** Has good hair
** Has already seen me throw up twice
** Fixed TV
** Jack likes Dennis
* Cons
** Not super smart
** Listens to Winger
** Dental hygiene
** Wears acid wash denim
** Always wants foot rubs
** Not much money
** Catholic
** Doesn't like his mother
** I don't like his mother
** His mother doesn't like me
** Loves "Family Guy"
** Reads "The Post"
** Insists on spending holidays with his mother
** Has already seen me throw up
** Attempted three-way
** Racist
** Wears Italian horn even though Irish
** Jack likes Dennis
** Sexual predator †† — This "con" is not shown on camera, but Liz is seen adding to the list after she sees Dennis on a "To Catch a Predator" episode of "Dateline". Later in the series it is revealed that dim-witted Dennis was lied to by the minor.

Dr. Leo Spaceman

Infobox character

name = "Dr. Leo Spaceman"
first = "Tracy Does Conan"
last =
cause =
gender = Male
age = 30s or 40s
born =
occupation = Medical doctor
portrayer = Chris Parnell
creator = Tina Fey

Dr. Leo Spaceman (last name pronounced "Spa-CHE-min," except by Tracy, who pronounces it as the English word "spaceman") is Tracy Jordan's incompetent and unethical doctor who treats him with wildly experimental methods. In this way, he is not unlike Dr. Nick from "The Simpsons". In "The Rural Juror," it is revealed that Spaceman got his medical degree from the Ho Chi Minh City School of Medicine. During a phone call with Liz, Dr. Spaceman begins hitting on her and offers her drugs. Jack thinks that Dr. Spaceman is a fine doctor and also mentions that Spaceman is a "pretty good" dentist. Jack apparently uses Spaceman when he needs a doctor to endorse a product, he can be seen in a commercial for "Tracy Jordan's Meat Machine" claiming that his research on the effects of bread "eating away out your brain" cannot be completed because "the powerful bread lobby" keeps stopping his research. He has always believed that humans need more animal blood; it keeps the spine straight. He has stabbed at least one dog, although not necessarily to death.

In the episode "The Baby Show," Liz is seeking help with fertility and she calls the number under fertility in the Writers Guild health manual. Leo reveals that he is listed under fertility, meth addiction, and child psychology. He also reveals to Liz that he had a scuba diving accident that made it so that he can no longer impregnate.

In "Hiatus", it is revealed that Spaceman is also Jack Donaghy's doctor. In the episode, Spaceman gives Jack a physical and tries to get him to read his new sex book "You're Doing It Wrong", which he says "guarantees male orgasm."

In "Jack Gets in the Game", Jenna visits Spaceman for assistance in losing weight. He told Jenna her weight gain at the start of Season 2 put her into "the disgusting range" and suggested she start using crystal meth to lose weight- but also asks "How important is teeth retention for you?" She instead asks if he has any "crazy surgical options," and he says that he does, pointing to a wall of photographs of celebrities who he has helped with such options (including Deidre Hall, ALF, John Ashcroft and the Unabomber).

In "Succession", Spaceman shows up to treat Don Geiss after he lapses into a diabetic coma. He once again shows his incompetence and idiocy when he A) injects the GE Chairman with a placebo, B) doesn't know where Geiss' heart is because "we have no way of knowing where the heart is", C) can't decide whether to call 411 or 911, and D) calls 411 to get information about "diabetes repair".

Don Geiss

Infobox character

name = "Don Geiss"
first = "The C Word"
gender = Male
age = 70s or 80s
occupation = CEO of GE
family = Kathy Geiss (daughter)
Caitlin (granddaughter)
portrayer = Rip Torn
creator = Tina Fey

Don Geiss (rhymes with "nice") is the chief executive officer of General Electric within the show's universe. In "Corporate Crush" he demoted Jack to "Vice President of East Coast Programming" and took away his "Microwave Oven Programming" duties after Jack's "Fireworks" special turned into a major fiasco and embarrassment for NBC. He has told Jack he is on the short list of contenders to succeed him as CEO. He also has a secret (second) family up in Canada which is a reference to Torn's co-starring role in "Eulogy". He promised Jack the CEO position in Succession, but after he went into a diabetic coma (accidentally induced by Liz), the reins of the company were handed over by his handpicked board to his daughter Cathy and her fiance Devon. As of "Cooter", he is not out of the coma; however, he did say "Jackie Boy", which prompted Jack (who left GE for a job in Washington) to return to New York.

Greta Johansen

Infobox character

name = "Greta Johansen"
first = "Pilot"
last = "The C Word"
gender = Female
age = 40s
born =
occupation = Cat wrangler
portrayer = Rachel Dratch
creator = Tina Fey

Legreta "Greta" Johansen is a cat wrangler who works on the show. In the episode "The Baby Show", she offers to carry the child that Liz wants and reveals that she owns a small ferret farm 60 miles north of New York City. Greta also hints towards an obsession with Liz, mentioning that she likes to watch Liz watching TV.

Angie Jordan

Infobox character

name = "Angie Jordan"
first = "Jack the Writer" (played by Sharon Wilkins)
gender = Female
age = 30s or 40s
born =
occupation = None known
spouse = Tracy Jordan
children = Two sons (Tracy Jr and George Foreman)
portrayer = Sherri Shepherd
(Sharon Wilkins in "Jack the Writer")
creator = Robert Carlock

Angie Jordan is Tracy Jordan's wife. Tracy and Angie frequently use rather odd forms of sexual roleplaying. Tracy implied in "Black Tie" that he and Angie have an open marriage, but in "The Collection" Angie is shown to be less than happy with her husband's extramarital excapades. She kicked Tracy out of their house in "SeinfeldVision", but took him back in "Jack Gets in the Game". She seems to have a domineering, bombastic personality and is rather demanding of her husband, both financially and sexually.

In her initial appearance in the episode "Jack the Writer", which basically consisted of a non-speaking cameo, she was played by Sharon Wilkins. In all subsequent episodes, starting with "Up All Night", she is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd and is given a more substantial role. Angie has only appeared in a handful of episodes so far, but she is frequently mentioned by Tracy.

In the second season episode, "The Collection," it is shown that, like her husband, she always addresses Liz Lemon by her full name. She is rude to Liz and nearly attacks her after Liz stops trying to appease her and orders her off the set. She and her husband were apparently supporting the 2008 Presidential campaign of Dennis Kucinich, although in her absence Tracy has expressed interest in becoming a Republican and also filmed a PSA advising African-Americans to not vote at all.

Devon Banks

Infobox character

caption= Devon Banks and Jack (Alec Baldwin)
name = "Devon Banks"
first = "Fireworks"
last =
cause =
gender = Male
age = 30s or 40s
born =
occupation = Vice President of West Coast News, Web Content, and Theme Park Talent Relations
portrayer = Will Arnett
creator = Dave Finkel & Brett Baer

Devon Banks is NBC's Vice President of West Coast News, Web Content, and Theme Park Talent Relations. In his occasional appearances, he has served as the nemesis of the much older Jack Donaghy, at one point going so far as to attempt to cause Jack to have another heart attack so he would look weak in front of the head of NBC's parent company, General Electric.

Devon was introduced in the episode "Fireworks", when his surprise visit from Los Angeles led Jack to believe that Devon was trying to take his job as Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. After learning that Devon is gay and attracted to NBC page Kenneth, Jack sends Kenneth to seduce Devon in order to make him late for an important meeting. Devon sees through this plan and makes it to the meeting. Like Jack, Devon speaks in a deep voice. He also has a very short robe which he "cut down himself", and he also made a ten-second internet sitcom called "Makin' It Happen".

Devon returned to the show in the episode "Jack Gets in the Game." In the episode, Jack and Devon competed once again, this time to be the successor of Don Geiss, who is the chief executive officer of General Electric, after they hear that Don is approaching retirement. Devon, in order to compete for the job, becomes engaged to Don's daughter Cathy, claiming to have been cured of his homosexuality by the Church of Practicology, a cult that was founded by "the alien king living inside of Stan Lee." This alleged cure was quickly discovered to be untrue by Jack, however, as Devon continued to show homosexual tendencies.

In the episode Succession, Devon is having his bachelor party as Don Geiss crowns Jack the CEO, which he finds out about. He and Jack tell each other they "hate-respect" one another. However, Geiss goes into a diabetic coma, and Devon, ignoring Geiss' true wishes, convinces the board to turn over control of the company to Cathy, making himself the power behind the throne.

Colleen Donaghy

Infobox character

name = "Colleen Donaghy"
first = "Hiatus"
last =
cause =
gender = Female
age = 60s or 70s
born =
occupation =
portrayer = Elaine Stritch
creator = Tina Fey

Colleen Donaghy neé Murphy is Jack Donaghy's overbearing mother, Jack generally wants nothing to do with her, even though it has been shown that deep down, he actually does love her. She is generally critical at best of Jack's abilities, and is highly hesitant of showing him any real affection. While in her first appearance she got along well with Liz Lemon, upon meeting her family in the episode "Ludichristmas," she set out to show Jack that the Lemon family's seemingly perfect attitude was, in fact, a lie (which she succeeded at).

Donny Lawson

Infobox character

name = "Donny Lawson"
first = "Rosemary's Baby"
last =
cause =
gender = Male
age = 20s or 30s
born =
occupation = Head Page
portrayer = Paul Scheer
creator = Tina Fey

Donny Lawson is the somewhat insane Head Page of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, known for his weak one-liners and bizarre hand gestures. He hates Kenneth because of his excessive cheerfulness and wishes to transfer him to a CNBC station in Paramus, New Jersey. Donny is first introduced in "Rosemary's Baby"; Jenna tries to find a replacement jacket for Kenneth and Donny uses this as an excuse to give Kenneth a demerit. He challenges him to a "page-off" ("a savage contest mixing physical stamina with NBC trivia"), but this is quickly broken up by Pete, who then orders Donny to give Kenneth a new jacket. In "Cooter", Donny tries to sabotage Kenneth's opportunity to apply as a page at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. After stalling Kenneth with a fake paper delivery, Donny gets his just deserts when Pete shoots him in the leg with an arrow (giving Kenneth enough time to deliver his application).

Cathy Geiss

Cathy Geiss (Marceline Hugot) is Don Geiss' daughter. She seems to be rather dim-witted and does not speak in the first two seasons of 30 Rock. She is the current Chairman and CEO of GE, but is more of a figurehead as her fiancee Devon calls most of the shots.

Apparently somewhat mentally disabled, the pudgy, red-faced 40-something displays her affinity for unicorns and Mark Wahlberg in Jack's former office. She also puts toy race cars in her mouth, eats flowers, and drinks from juiceboxes.

Howard Jorgensen

Howard Jorgensen is the Vice President of Locomotives at GE and a member of the board of directors first introduced in "Jack Meets Dennis." A former mentee of Jack Donaghy's, he is married to a Filipina woman, has two children and owns a house with a pool. In "Succession", it is revealed that everyone uses Jorgensen as a scapegoat.


Infobox character

name = "Bianca (Donaghy)"
first = "Black Tie"
last = "Up All Night"
gender = Female
age = 40s
born =
occupation =
portrayer = Isabella Rossellini
creator = Kay Cannon and Tina Fey

Bianca (Isabella Rossellini) is Jack Donaghy's ex-wife, whose years of marital bliss with the network exec weren't all that rosy, since she was never liked by Jack's mother from the beginning. Her appearance and how they ended up going their separate ways was featured in the episode "Black Tie." She mentions, in "Black Tie", that she is engaged to a man named Vincent Foley. Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him which is why they divorced. Bianca also seems to have a jealous streak towards women who want to marry Jack, as evidenced by Liz pretending to be Jack's fiancée, which resulted in Bianca attacking her at the event.


Infobox character

name = "Phoebe"
first = "Corporate Crush"
last = "Hiatus" (presumably)
gender = Female
age = 30s or 40s
born =
occupation = Art dealer and auctioneer at Christie's
portrayer = Emily Mortimer
creator = John Riggi

Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) is an art dealer and auctioneer who works at the Christie's branch in Rockefeller Center. She is supposedly English and claims to have something called "avian bone syndrome", which requires that no one touch her. She claims to additionally have vertigo in "Hiatus." In "Cleveland", she stated that her parents were poets.

In "Corporate Crush" she introduces herself to Liz (more than once, forgetting or ignoring her previous introductions and annoying Liz) and befriends Christie's client Jack, since she was responsible for selling some of Jack's artwork. After Liz told Jack to find his own "Floydster" (he tried to build a friendly relationship with Liz's boyfriend Floyd), Jack finally attracts Phoebe's attention and the two start dating. However, after Liz gave the two her blessing, Jack quickly asks Phoebe to marry him and she accepts, stunning Liz.

Liz is not happy about this sudden turn of events, even after Jack takes Phoebe to Paris, and would find out later on that Phoebe is actually a gold digger. In "Cleveland", Liz discovers Phoebe at a restaurant holding hands with an older man. When Phoebe sees her after being caught, she tells Liz that it is a former flame, but after Liz says that Phoebe can either tell Jack the truth or Liz will do it herself, they have an argument where Phoebe accidentally drops her British accent and reveals herself to be American. Phoebe tries to cover this up by picking up the accent again and using several Britishisms, but Liz isn't fooled.

However, when Liz tells Jack about this, he refuses to believe her. Apparently, Phoebe had told him that Liz was making things up about her since it appears that Jack was being manipulated by Phoebe. When Jack's mother Colleen shows up in "Hiatus", she takes an instant dislike to Phoebe. After she visits Jack in the hospital in the episode, she discovers that Jack wasn't in love with Phoebe as his heart rate monitor becomes a polygraph. Jack and Phoebe's wedding was subsequently cancelled.

Although Phoebe is revealed to not actually be English, it is never established whether or not her "avian bone syndrome" or vertigo were real. She has not returned in the show's second season.


Infobox character

name = "Floyd"
first = "Up All Night"
last = "Sandwich Day"
nickname = "Flower Guy" (how Liz referred to him before learning his name)
"Floydster" (Jack's nickname for him)
gender = Male
age = 30s
born =
occupation = Lawyer
portrayer = Jason Sudeikis
creator = Tina Fey

Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) is a lawyer (he prefers "law stylist") working in 30 Rock. In "Up All Night," Floyd accidentally sends flowers to Liz Lemon for Valentine's Day, intending to send them to his girlfriend Liz Lemler. Liz Lemon, who doesn't know his name, calls him "flower guy." Liz and Floyd share an awkward moment after this and she develops a crush on him. In the episode "The Fighting Irish," Jack asks Liz to fire some employees to save money, and Liz considers firing Floyd's girlfriend, Liz Lemler, so that she can get closer to Floyd. Against Pete's advice, Liz actually fires Liz Lemler and the rest of the accounting staff. However, Jack cleans up Liz's mess by rehiring the staff and transferring Liz Lemler to a job in another state. When the Other Liz gets transferred, she and Floyd break up.

In the episode "Fireworks," Liz follows Floyd into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in order to get close to him. She lies about being an alcoholic in order to hear Floyd openly talk about his secrets and to spend more time with him. When Floyd tells her that members of the same AA group cannot date, she confesses to him that she was never an alcoholic and just had a crush on him. Floyd feels betrayed by this because she heard him talk about his secrets, but Liz makes it up to him by telling Floyd all of her secrets. After this, Liz and Floyd begin dating. Floyd also mentions in the episode that when he was an alcoholic, he once appeared a man-on-the street ad for "Tarzan on Ice" in which he drunkenly raved about the show even though he had never seen it.

Despite seeming perfect for each other, Floyd and Liz seem to have broken up due to long-distance relationship-related stress since Floyd moved to Cleveland, and Floyd is seeing someone who Liz had an embarrassing phone call with when she tried to call him.

Jason Sudeikis is the real-life husband of Kay Cannon, who is a writer and sometimes actress on "30 Rock."

Other characters

*Lee (Tom Broecker) - the show's costume manager; appears in eleven episodes
*Stage manager (Teddy Coluca) - appears in six episodes
*Rachel Baze (Rachel Hamilton) - one of the writers on the show; in "The Aftermath", Jack mentions her last name and that she just got engaged; she has speaking parts in two episodes
*Anthony (Anthony Atamanuik) - one of the writers on the show
*Sue ("Girl Writer") (Sue Galloway) - one of the writers on the show; has speaking parts in two episodes
*Donald (Donald Glover) - A stagehand on the show; has a speaking part in one episode
*Matt (Matt Dickinson) - Jack's assistant in two season-one episodes in place of Jonathan
*Stage manager (Brendan Walsh) - shouts "shut it down!" at the end of each of the two episodes he appears in (Referred to in credits as "Shut It Down").


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