Potato cake

Potato cake

Potato cakes may refer to different preparations of potatoes.

In the U.S., the term commonly refers to a patty of hashed potatoes, a kind of hash brown. These are available pre-made and frozen in supermarkets and are sold by Arby's restaurants.

In parts of Australia, potato cakes (which tend to be known as potato scallops in NSW), are very common in fish and chip shops. In other parts of the country (particularly South Australia) a potato cake is a sweet dish made from mashed potato blended with other ingredients. It is a true cake, and typically eaten as a dessert.

Potato scallops originate from England (or at least in the north of England) and are also common in fish and chip shops there. This variant is normally a thick slice of potato, dipped in batter and fried, with no additional flavouring added except salt. Though it should be noted hash browns are distinctly different, as they are also widely available.

More rarely, the term may refer to a preparation of sliced potatoes baked in the form of a cake [http://www.canadabbhosts.com/recipes/NewBrunswickPotatoCake.htm] or an actual cake made using potatoes or potato flour. [http://www.cbc.ca/pei/features/recipethief/2004-potato-cake.html]

Lancashire Potato Cakes are made from mashed or reconstitued potato and flour and baked. They are typically served with breakfast or as a snack with butter or margarine, although they are often served with other toppings such as baked beans, scrambled eggs or garlic butter.

Irish Potato cakes are typically made from mashed potato and baking soda and are usually fried. It differs to boxty as boxty is made of raw potatoes where as potato cake is made from cooked potatoes.

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