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In computing and technology:

  • DCT (videocassette format), a videocassette format developed by Ampex
  • Dual-clutch gearbox, aka Dual Clutch Transmission, an automotive technology with gear-shifts faster than Formula One has achieved
  • Discovery Channel Telescope, a 4.2 meter telescope currently under development
  • Director Control Tower, the controlling station for guns on a British warship, see British ordnance terms
  • Digital cable, Digital Cable Terminal, the generic term for the set-top box required to receive digital cable
  • DCT, Digital Core Technology, a baseband generation of Nokia mobile phones
  • .dct A proprietary audio file format for digital dictation

On warships:

  • Depth charge thrower, a mortar-like weapon used to launch depth charges at targets distant from the ship
  • Director Control Tower, a facility equipped to direct and control a ship's gun battery

In entertainment:


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