Plague may refer to:

In medicine:
* Plague (disease), a specific disease caused by "Yersinia pestis". There are three major manifestations
** Bubonic plague
** Septicemic plague
** Pneumonic plague
* Any bubo-causing disease
* A pandemic caused by such a disease
* Any pestilence, a virulent and highly infectious disease

In history:
* Black Death, also known as The Black Plague: the Eurasian pandemic thought to have been caused by bubonic plague, beginning in the 14th century with repeated outbreaks until the 18th century
* Plague of Justinian, a pandemic in 541–542 AD in the Byzantine Empire
* Antonine Plague, an ancient pandemic in 165–189 AD brought back to the Roman Empire by troops returning from campaigns in the Near East
* Third Pandemic, a major plague pandemic that began in China in 1855, spread via trade routes around the world. This episode was considered active until 1959, when worldwide casualties dropped to 200 per year.
* List of historical plagues

In art and literature:
* Plagues of Egypt, the 10 calamities that God inflicted on Egypt in the book of Exodus
* "The Plague", a novel by Albert Camus
* "The Plague" (magazine), New York University's comedy magazine
* "A Journal of the Plague Year", a novel by Daniel Defoe
* "The Plague (Dragon Prince)", an epidemic in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novel Dragon Prince
* "Plague (2000 novel)", a novel by Malcolm Rose
* "Plague 99", 1989 novel by Jean Ure
* "The Scarlet Plague", 1912 novel by Jack London

In popular culture:
* "The Plague" (film), a 2006 horror film
* The Plague (Father Ted), an episode of "Father Ted"
* The Plague (band), a New Zealand band
* The Plague (English punk rock band), an English band
* Plagues (album) by The Devil Wears Prada
* Plague (wrestler), the stage name of a U.S. professional wrestler
* The Plague (comics), a Cobra special forces team made up of a specialist from each viper division in the comic.

* Widespread influx of an animal species afflicting the environment and/or agriculture
* Capacitor plague, a condition afflicting computer motherboards in which capacitors fail
* Corrupted Blood, a virtual plague that occurred in the video game World of Warcraft

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