House of Obrenović

House of Obrenović
House of Obrenović
Coat of arms of Serbia (2004-2010).svg
Country Serbia
Ancestral house Martinović, Orlović
Titles Prince (Кнез/Knez), King (Краљ/Kralj)
Founder Miloš Obrenović I
Final sovereign Alexander I Obrenović
Current head Extinct
Founding 1815
Dissolution 1903

The House of Obrenović (Serbian pronunciation: [ɔ̝brě̞ːnɔ̝v̞iʨ]; Serbian: Обреновићи, Obrenovići, often spelled in English as Obrenovich or Obrenovitch) was a Serbian dynasty that ruled Serbia from 1815 to 1842, and again from 1858 to 1903. They came to power through the leadership of their progenitor Miloš Obrenović in the Second Serbian uprising against the Ottoman Empire, which led to the formation of the Principality of Serbia. The regents tended to rule autocratically, their popularity waxing and waning over their decades in power.

The family's rule came to an end when an underground movement Black hand throughout the military, killed the last king Aleksandar Obrenović, proximally because of his unpopular choice of a bride. After the end of their rule, a constitutional monarchy headed by the Karađorđević family took its place.

Unlike other Balkan states such as Greece, Bulgaria or Romania, Serbia did not import a member of an existing European royal family to take its throne; the Obrenović Dynasty, like its Karađorđević rival, was a "home-grown" Serbian family.



  • Miloš Obrenović I ruled from 1815 to 1839, when he abdicated, and again from 1858 until his death in 1860.
  • Milan Obrenović II had a brief reign between June 25, 1839 and July 8, 1839, when he died.
  • Mihailo Obrenović III ruled from 1839 to 1842, when he was deposed and the Obrenović family lost control of Serbia, and again ruled from 1860 to 1868, when he was assassinated.
  • Milan Obrenović IV succeeded Mihailo under a regency in 1868, and reigned as King Milan I from 1882 to 1889.
  • King Aleksandar I reigned from 1889 until he was killed in 1903.

Unlike most other dynasties in Europe, where a numeral is used to distinguish different monarchs who shared the same given name, the House of Obrenović assigned a subsequent numeral to each ruling monarch. Thus, there was never a Milan I, Milan III, a Mihailo I or a Mihailo II. Milan II and Mihailo III were simply the second and third ruling monarchs from the House of Obrenović. For some reason this practice was discontinued with Aleksandar I, when a more standardized naming convention was adopted.

Other family members

  • Marija Obrenović, mother of Milan Obrenović IV
  • Natalija Obrenović, wife of Milan Obrenović IV.
  • Draga Mašin, wife of Aleksandar I and former lady-in-waiting to his mother
  • Nicholas, Prince of Montenegro, current pretender, descended from Jevrem Teodorović Obrenović (1790–1856), brother of Miloš Obrenović I[1]
  • Princess Anka Obrenović, daughter of Jevrem Teodorović Obrenović, and therefore ancestress of Prince Nicholas.
  • George Obrenovic, illegitimate son of King Milan

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