Harbin Z-9

Harbin Z-9

Infobox Aircraft
name= Harbin Z-9
type= Medium multi-purpose helicopter
manufacturer= Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
first flight= 1981
introduced= 1994
status= Operational
primary user= China
more users= Pakistan Navy
number built= 200+
unit cost=
developed from = Aérospatiale Dauphin
variants with their own articles=

The Harbin Z-9 is a Chinese military utility helicopter. It is a license-built version of the French Eurocopter Dauphin, and is manufactured by Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The first Z-9 flew in 1981, and was built in China from components supplied by Aérospatiale, but by the early 1990s the Z-9B was being built from over 70% indigenous Chinese components.cite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title=Z-9 Utility Helicopter | date=2007-01-06 | publisher=SinoDefence.com | url =http://www.sinodefence.com/airforce/helicopter/z9.asp | work = | pages = | accessdate = 2008-03-26 | language = ]

On 16 January 1992, indigenous variant Z-9B was constructed with 70% Chinese-made parts flew successfully. The flight test completed in November 1992, with design certificate being certified later next month. The Z-9B production began in 1993, entering PLA service in 1994.

The Z-9B features 11-blade Fenestron faired-in tail rotor with wider-chord, all-composite blades replacing the 13-blade in AS 365N. As a light tactical troop transport, the Z-9 has the capacity to transport 10 fully armed soldiers.

Generally the Z-9 is identical to the AS 365N Dauphin, though later variants of the Z-9 incorporate more composite materials to increase structural strength and lower radar signature. The helicopter has a four-blade main rotor, with two turboshaft engines mounted side by side on top of the cabin with engine layout identical to the AS 365N. The Z-9 teardrop-shaped body features a tapered boom to the tail fin, with rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit, and retractable gear and all flat bottom.


An attack helicopter variant has been fielded by the PLA since the early 1990s as the WZ-9 or Z-9W, with pylons fitted for anti-tank missiles. These helicopters lack the maneuverability and survivability of a proper attack helicopter, and merely provide a stopgap during the development of the WZ-10. The latest armed version, the Z-9W, was introduced in 2005 and has night attack capabilities, with an under-nose low-light TV and infra-red observing and tracking unit.

The naval version introduced in the 1990s is known as the Z-9C. As well as SAR and ASW duties, the Z-9C can be fitted with an X-band KLC-1 surface search radar to detect surface targets beyond the range of shipborne radar systems.cite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title=Z-9C (AS 565 Panther) Naval Helicopter | date=2007-28-07 | publisher=SinoDefence.com | url =http://www.sinodefence.com/airforce/helicopter/z9c.asp | work = | pages = | accessdate = 2008-03-26 | language = ]

*Z-9: Chinese copy of the French AS.365N1.
*Z-9A: Chinese kit-built version of the AS.365N2.
*Z-9A-100: Prototypes for domestic market versions with WZ8A engines. First flight 16 January 1992, approved 30 December 1992.
*Z-9B: Initial version based on Z-9A-100. Multi-role.
*Z-9C: Chinese copy of the Eurocopter AS.565 Panther given to the PLA Naval Air Force.
*WZ-9/Z-9W: Armed version with optional pylon-mounted armament and gyro stabilised, roof-mounted optical sight. Export designation Z-9G, roof-mounted sight optional. Newer night-capable versions have been built with nose-mounted FLIR.
*H410A: Version with 635kW WZ8C turboshaft engines. First flight September 2001, CAAC certification 10 July 2002. One is currently beeng fitted with a new Mast-Mounted Sighting (MMS) system.
*H425: Newest VIP version of the H410A.
*H450: Projected development.


*Pakistan Navy

pecifications (Z-9B)

aircraft specifications
plane or copter?=copter
jet or prop?=prop
ref=SinoDefence.comcite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title=Z-9 Specifications | date=2007-01-06 | publisher=SinoDefence.com | url =http://www.sinodefence.com/airforce/helicopter/z9-specifications.asp | work = | pages = | accessdate = 2008-03-26 | language = ]
crew=2 Pilots
capacity=10 armed soldiers
payload main=2,038 kg
payload alt=4,493 lb
length main= 13.46 m (without rotors); 13.68 m (with rotors)
length alt=44ft 11in
span main=
span alt=
height main= 3.47 m
height alt=11ft 4in
area main=
area alt=
empty weight main=2,050 kg
empty weight alt=4,519 lb
loaded weight main=
loaded weight alt=
useful load main=
useful load alt=
max takeoff weight main=4,100 kg
max takeoff weight alt=9,038 lb
max payload=1,900kg
engine (prop)=Turbomeca Arriel-1C1 (produced under licence as WZ-8A)
type of prop= Turboshaft
number of props= 2
power main=
power alt=
power original=
max speed main=315 km/h, 195 mph
max speed alt=170 kt
cruise speed main=285 km/h, 173 mph
cruise speed alt=150 kt
stall speed main=
stall speed alt=
never exceed speed main=
never exceed speed alt=
range main=1,000 km
range alt=621 mi
ceiling main=6,000 m
ceiling alt=20,000 ft
climb rate main=
climb rate alt=
loading main=
loading alt=
power/mass main=
power/mass alt=
more performance=
armament=2 fixed 23 mm cannons on attack variants. Pylon stores for rockets, gun pods, ET52 torpedo, HJ-8 anti-tank missiles, or TY-90 air-to-air missiles.

ee also

* Eurocopter Dauphin
* Eurocopter Panther
similar aircraft=
* Agusta A109
* Bell 222/230/430
* Sikorsky S-70
* Z-8 - Z-9 - WZ-10 - Z-11
see also=


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