Ulmus americana 'Columnaris'

Ulmus americana 'Columnaris'
Ulmus americana
Cultivar 'Columnaris'
Origin Conesus Lake, New York, USA

The American Elm Ulmus americana 'Columnaris' has a columnar form [2], and was propagated from a tree found by Mr John Dunbar at Conesus Lake, New York, before 1920 [1]. The tree should not be confused with U. americana var. columnaris Rehder, J. Arnold Arbor. 3: 42, 1922.



Not available.

Pests and diseases

No specific information available, but the species is highly susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease and Elm Yellows; it is also moderately preferred for feeding and reproduction by the adult Elm Leaf Beetle Xanthogaleruca luteola [2] [3], and highly preferred for feeding by the Japanese Beetle Popillia japonica [3] [4] [5] in the USA. U. americana is also the most susceptible of all the elms to verticillium wilt [4].


'Columnaris' is not known to have been cultivated beyond the USA, and is no longer in commerce.


North America
  • Morton Arboretum. Specimen in the Columnar Tree Section reputed to be "in good health" in the autumn of 2006. Acc. no. 1041-41, (graft).


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