P. Ramlee filmography

P. Ramlee filmography

The following is a list of P. Ramlee films, in alphabetical order.

Film (Original Title) Film (English Title) Release Starring P. Ramlee Directed by P. Ramlee Written by P. Ramlee Music by P. Ramlee
Abu Hassan Penchuri Abu Hassan The Thief 1955 X X
Sarjan Hassan Sergeant Hassan 1955 X X
Ahmad Albab Ahmad Albab 1968 X X X X
Ali Baba Bujang Lapok Ali Baba in Burlesque 1961 X X X X
Aloha Aloha 1950 X
Anak Bapak Like Father Like Son 1968 X X X X
Anak-ku Sazali My Son, Sazali 1956 X X
Anjuran Nasib 1952 X
Antara Dua Darjat Between Two Classes 1960 X X X X
Antara Senyum Dan Tangis Between Smiles and Tears 1952 X X X
Bakti Devotion 1955 X
Bujang Lapok Three Over-age Bachelors 1957 X X X X
Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung Not The Fault Of The MOther Who Became Pregnant 1969 X
Chinta Love 1948 X
Dajal Suchi Devotion 1965 cameo X
Di Belakang Tabir Behind the Curtain 1969 X
Do Re Mi Do Re Mi 1966 X X X X
Doktor Rushdi Doctor Rushdi 1970 X X X X
Enam Jahanam Six Plunderers 1969 X X X X
Gelora Storm 1970 X X X X
Gerimis Drizzle 1968 X X X X
Hang Tuah The Legend of Hang Tuah 1956 X X
Hujan Panas Rain of Heat 1953 X X
Ibu Mother 1953 X X
Ibu Mertuaku My Mother-In-Law 1962 X X X X
Jangan Tinggal Daku Don't Leave Me 1971 X X X X
Juwita Juwita 1951 X X
Kanchan Tirana Kanchan Tirana 1955 X X X X
Keluarga 69 Family 69 1967 X X X X
Labu Dan Labi Labu And Labi 1962 X X X X
Laksamana Do Re Mi Warriors Do Re Mi 1972 X X
Love Parade Love Parade 1963 X
Madu Tiga Three Wives 1964 X X X X
Masam Masam Manis Sourness and Sweetness 1965 X X X X
Melanchong Ke Tokyo Travelling to Tokyo 1964 cameo
Merana Suffering 1954 X
Miskin Poverty 1952 X X
Musang Berjanggut The Bearded Fox 1959 X X X X
Nasib Fate 1949 X
Nasib Do Re Mi The Fate of Do Re Mi 1966 X X X X
Nasib Si Labu Labi The Fate of Labu and Labi 1963 X X X X
Nilam Nilam 1952 X
Noor Asmara Noor Asmara 1949 cameo
Nujum Pak Belalang Pak Belalang the Fortune Teller 1959 X X X X
Pancha Delima Pancha Delima 1957 narrator X X X
Panggilan Pulau Call of the Island 1954 X X
Patah Hati Broken-Hearted 1952 X
Penarik Becha The Trishaw Man 1955 X X X X
Pendekar Bujang Lapok "The Three Over-age Bachelor Warriors 1959 X X X
Penghidupan Life 1954 X
Putus Harapan Lost Hope 1953 X
Putus Sudah Kaseh Sayang Love is Gone 1971 X X X X
Rachun Dunia Poison of the World 1950 X
Ragam P. Ramlee & Damaq The Antics of P. Ramlee & Damaq 1964 X X X X
Sabarudin Tukang Kasut Sabaruddin the Cobbler 1966 X X X X
Semerah Padi Semerah Padi 1956 X X X X
Sedarah As Blood 1952 X
Sejoli Fun 1951 X
Seniman Bujang Lapok The Three Over-age Bachelor Artistes 1961 X X X X
Sarjan Hassan Sergeant Hassan 1958 X X X X
Sesudah Suboh After Dawn 1967 X X X
Siapa Salah Who's Guilty? 1953 X X
Sitora Harimau Jadian Sitora the Man-Tiger 1964 X X X X
Sumpah Orang Minyak Curse of the Oil Man 1958 X X X X
Takdir Illahi God's Plan 1950 X
Tiga Abdul The Three Abduls 1964 X X X X

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