List of fast casual restaurants

List of fast casual restaurants

A fast casual restaurant is a type of restaurant that does not offer full table service but promises a higher quality of food and atmosphere than a fast food restaurant. It is a growing concept to fill the space between fast food and casual dining. The typical cost per customer is in the $8–$15 range.

Counter service accompanied by handmade food (often visible via an open kitchen) is typical. Alcohol may be served. Dishes like steak may be offered. The menu is usually limited to an extended over-counter display, and options in the way the food is prepared are emphasized. Health-conscious items have a larger-than-normal portion of the menu. Some restaurants may emphasize high quality ingredients like free-range chicken and freshly made salsas. Overall, the quality of the food is presented as much higher than conventional factory-made fast food. While full table service is not offered, conveniences like non-plastic utensils and plates are common.

The moderate volume music and nontraditional decor pioneered by Starbucks are fully embraced by fast casual restaurants — approximately half of the customers eat in the establishment, compared with a quarter of fast food customers.

Technomic Information Services created the term "fast casual restaurants" to describe restaurants with the following classifications:

* Limited-service or self-service format
* Average check between $8 and $15
* Made-to-order food with more complex flavors than fast food restaurants
* Upscale or highly developed decor

There is a "Fast Casual" magazine, launched by NetWorld Alliance and published by Paul Barron, who coined the term "Fast Casual" in the late 1990s. ["Cases in Strategic Management and Business Policy", Tenth Edition by Thomas L. Wheelen & J. David Hunger] There is also "QSR" magazine, first published in 1997 by Journalistic, Inc., covering both the quick serve/fast food and fast casual segments.

List of fast casual restaurants


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