My Left Breast

My Left Breast
My Left Breast
Directed by Gerry Rogers
Peg Norman
Produced by Paul Pope
Starring Gerry Rogers
Peg Norman
Music by Paul Steffler
Cinematography Nigel Markham
Peg Norman
Gerry Rogers
Editing by Terre Nash
Studio Pope Productions
Release date(s) October 12, 2002 (2002-10-12) (OutFLIX Tennessee GLBT Film Festival)
Country Canada
Language English

My Left Breast is a 2002 Canadian documentary film, produced by Pope Productions and directed and filmed by filmmaker Gerry Rogers and her partner Peg Norman. The film documents Rogers' experience being diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

The film screened in 2001 at the Dallas OUT TAKES Lesbian and Gay Film Festivall, and received a 2001 Gemini Award for 'Best History/Biography Documentary Program'. It screened October 12, 2002, at the OutFLIX Tennessee GLBT Film Festival, followed in January 2003 by screening at the Utah Pride Fest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and in April 2003 at the One World Film Festival in the Czech Republic.



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