Periodizations of capitalism

Periodizations of capitalism

A periodization of capitalism seeks to distinguish stages of development that help understanding of features of capitalism through time. The most well-known periodizations that have been proposed distinguish these stages as:

#Early or concurrential/ monopoly/ state monopoly capitalism (Sweezy etc.)
#Free trade/ monopoly/ finance capitalism (Hilferding etc.)
#Early capitalism (primitive accumulation)/ colonialism/ imperialism (Hobson, Lenin, Bukharin)
#Extensive stage/ intensive stage/ (late capitalism) (Aglietta)

The Marxist periodization of capitalism into the stages: [Rutherford, Donald. Routledge Dictionary of Economics. pages 70] agricultural capitalism, merchant capitalism, industrial capitalism and state capitalism.

Another stage is merchant capitalism, industrial capitalism, finance capitalism, welfare capitalism, state monopoly capitalism and global capitalism. [Dunning, John H. Making Globalization Good. pages 181]

Another theory is merchant capitalism, industrial and finance capitalism, and global capitalism. [Dunning, John H. global capitalism at bay? pages 49]

Many theories suggests the basic stages of merchant capitalism, industrial capitalism and finance capitalism. [Davis Jerome. Capitalism and Its Culture. page 12]


*Aglietta, Michel, "Régulation et crises du capitalisme", Kalmann-Lévy, Paris, 1976

ee also

*Nikolai Bukharin
*Rudolf Hilferding
*John A. Hobson
*Ernest Mandel
*Paul Sweezy

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* [ Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by V.I. Lenin]
* [ J.A. Hobson's Imperialism: A Study: A Centennial Retrospective by Professor Peter Cain]

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