Armenian-Parthian War

Armenian-Parthian War

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Mesopotamia

date=From 87 to 85 BCE [ [ A R M E N I A N H I G H L A N D ] ]
place=Northern Mesopotamia
result=Armenian victory; Received Osroyene and Atrpatakan loyalty both kingdoms that lay in northern Mesopotamia
commander2=Tigranes the Great

The Armenian-Parthian War (87 to 85 BCE) refers to when the armies of Tigranes the Great victoriously entered Northern Mesopotamia and the kingdoms of Osroene and Atropatene pledged their loyalty and support to Tigranes the Great. Many rulers and kings labeled Tigranes, the great "Kings of Kings" because of his wealth and power. [Gevork Nazaryan - King Tigran II - The Great (140-54 BC.)]


The kingdoms of Osroyene and Atropatene pledged their loyalty and support to Tigranes the Great. In 85, the Parthians officially recognized him as the supreme ruler of the East. Tigranes took the haled title of King of Kings, from the Parthian monarch, and honorably held it to the end of his life. In 85, the Parthians officially recognized him as the supreme ruler of the East.


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