CAE (company)

CAE (company)

company_name = CAE Inc.
company_type = Public company
foundation = Saint-Hubert, Québec (1947)
location = Saint-Laurent, Québec
key_people = Ken Patrick, founder
Robert E. Brown (CEO)
industry = Aerospace
products = Full flight simulators, Visual Solutions, Commercial Aviation Training, Military Training
revenue = profit $1.4 billion CAD (2005)
num_employees = approximately 7,000 worldwide
market c
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homepage =

CAE Inc. (TSX|CAE, nyse|CGT) (which once stood for Canadian Aviation Electronics, but now has no official meaning) is a leading provider of simulation technologies, modelling technologies and integrated training services to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and defense customers worldwide. The company has annual revenues in excess of CAD $1.4 billion, with manufacturing operations and training facilities in 20 countries on five continents. It was founded in 1947.

Simulator Products

CAE has sold over 900 simulators and training devices to more than 100 airlines, aircraft manufacturers and training centres. It licenses its simulation software to various market segments and has a professional services division assisting customers with a wide range of simulation-based needs.

Pilot Training

CAE conducts pilot training on over 115 full flight simulators in its more than 24 aviation training centres, serving approximately 3,500 airlines, aircraft operators and manufacturers across the globe. In the US, CAE is a major supplier of initial and recurrency training for non-airline based companies, including charter and cargo operators who are usually too small to offer in-house training. CAE recently acquired Simuflite training centers in Dallas, TX and Morristown, NJ which are now called "CAE SimuFlite". The Dallas facility, located at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, is the largest business aviation training facility in the world at 426,000-sq.ft. with 34 simulators and approximately 450 employees.

Corporate governance

Current members of the board of directors of CAE are: Lynton R. Wilson, Brian Barents, Robert E. Brown, Anthony Fell, James A. Grant, Randolph Jayne, John A. Craig, Garfield Emerson, Paul Gagne, James Hankinson, Lawrence Stevenson, Robert Lacroix, and Katharine B. Stevenson.

Former members of the board of CAE include: Derek Burney.

The current CEO, Robert E. Brown, was named the best CEO of the year by La Presse, a French-Canadian newspaper.


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