Huang Yueying

Huang Yueying


Huang Yueying (? - 234) is the fictional name for the wife of the Shu strategist Zhuge Liang, and daughter of Huang Chengyan. Her true name is unknown, as no name for Zhuge Liang's wife survives in history.

In folklore

The lack of historical information about Zhuge Liang's wife did not prevent folk traditions from creating a name and a personality for her -- now so well known that popularly. She was known to be quite unattractive, but this was a rumor she spread so men would admire her for the abilities she carried and not her beauty. It is said that she was extraordinarily plain (with several pits on her face), but was very talented. The only man who could see past her ruse was Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang pursued her when he heard tales of her wisdom.

Zhuge Liang married her before he joined Liu Bei. She was never thought of as a great beauty, and her father even said she wasn't beautiful; therefore when Zhuge Liang asked for her hand in marriage everyone was surprised. He simply stated that he married her not for her beauty but for her wits. According to one legend, she had invented wooden animals that moved like real ones. Zhuge Liang was so amazed by her inventions that he fell in love with her brilliant mind.

She and Zhuge Liang had one son, Zhuge Zhan, and two grandsons, Zhuge Shang and Zhuge Jing. They adopted a son from Zhuge Liang's brother, Zhuge Jin of Wu. His name was Zhuge Qiao, and Zhuge Qiao had a son, Zhuge Pan, but eventually he was restored as the son of Jin.

She died after the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. Her last words were (to her son Zhuge Zhan) "Son, be filial and have piety".

Modern references

*Huang Yueying is one of many playable characters in the "Dynasty Warriors" video game series by Koei, in which her name is simply Yue Ying. She is portrayed as very attractive, spreading false rumors across the land that she is dowdy and plain so that she may find a partner who respects her for her wisdom rather than her physical beauty.

*Yue Ying also appears in "Warriors Orochi", where she is held captive and eventually rescued by Zhao Yun in Hasedo. She and Saika Magoichi ally with the Shu Han and attempt to locate Zhuge Liang, who has gone missing.

*Yue Ying also appears in "Kessen II", although she bears little resemblance to the woman depicted in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel. She is portrayed as bubbly and enthusiastic, with a tendency to frequently use the word 'yeah' in conversation.

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