South Lakes Wild Animal Park

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

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The South Lakes Wild Animal park is a zoo located within the borders of the British town of Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, England. It opened in 1994 on converted farmland and is now one of the leading conservation zoos in Europe. The zoo has raised over £240,000 for active in-situ conservation for Sumatran Tigers, and is the only zoo in Britain to hold both Amur and Sumatran Tigers (The world's smallest and largest tigers). The zoo also holds all six South American Margays in the country, as well as having the largest collection of kangaroos outside of Australia. The zoo has been awarded the "Top Attraction for Excellence in the Lake District 1999 and 2000" by Cumbria Tourist Board, and is one of the few parks to let the Lemurs roam free around the park. Fact|date=November 2007

During 1997 the zoo was at the centre of controversy after owner David Gill shot dead one of the park's rhinos after it escaped from its pen [ [ "Council Rapped Over Rhino Escape"] , "The Westmorland Gazette", August 15 1998. ] .


South America

* Andean Condor
* Ringed Tailed Coati
* King Vulture
* Spider Monkey
* Spectacled Bear
* Macaw
* Lowland Tapir
* Patagonian Conure
* Geoffrey's Marmoset
* Cotton Topped Tamarin


* African Lion
* Black Footed Penguin
* Cape Crested Porcupine
* Cheetah
* Giraffe
* Hamadryas Baboon
* Mandrill
* Meerkat
* Pygmy Hippo
* White Rhino


* Babirusa
* Sulawesi Macaque
* Short Clawed Otter
* Siamang
* Sumatran Tiger
* White Handed Gibbon


* Australian Ibis
* Black Swan
* Brush Tailed Bettong
* Brush Tailed Possum
* Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby
* Emu
* Goffin's Cockatoo
* Laughing Kookaburra
* Red Kangaroo
* River Sand Wallaby
* Swamp Wallaby
* Tammar Wallaby
* Western Grey Kangaroo
* White Throated Wallaby


* Amur Tiger
* Rodrigues Fruit Bat
* Sumatran Tiger


* Aloatran-Gentle Lemur
* Belted-Ruffed Lemur
* Black and White Ruffed Lemur
* Black Lemur
* Mongoose Lemur
* Red Ruffed Lemur
* Ring-Tailed Lemur
* White-Fronted Lemur

Rest of the world

* Read Eared Terrapin
* Tortoise
* Masked Lapwing
* White Stork
* Barn Owl
* Snowy Owl


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