Dargin language

Dargin language

nativename=дарган мез "dargan mez"
fam1=Caucasian "(geographical convention)"
fam2=North "(disputed)"
The Dargin or Dargwa language is spoken by the Dargin people of western Dagestan. It is a dialect continuum with three principal dialects, and its people are Sunni-Muslims. Dargwa peoples use a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabets to write their language, which is one of the literary languages of Dagestan.

As per the 2002 Census, there are 429,347 speakers of Dargwa proper in Dagestan, 7,188 in neighbouring Kalmykia, 1,620 in Khantia-Mansia, 680 in Chechnya, and hundreds more in other parts of Russia. Figures for the Lakh dialect are 142,523 in Dagestan, 1,504 in Kabardino-Balkaria, 708 in Khantia-Mansia.

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