Shake, Rattle & Roll (Filipino film series)

Shake, Rattle & Roll (Filipino film series)

Shake, Rattle & Roll is a Filipino horror film series dating back to 1984. It is currently produced by Regal Films. Most of the series are official entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival with the exception of the sixth installment which premiered in January 1997. The title is solely based on the song of the same name.

This horror film franchise which is currently owned by Regal Films is known to be the only film series in the Philippines with the most movie installments. The first installment was released under the defunct Athena Productions while all the succeeding series are produced by Regal Entertainment. As of the moment, there are nine installments of the movie series, with the latest being premiered in December 2007.

hake Rattle & Roll (1984)

The first-ever installment of the movie premiered in December 1984 under Athena Productions. It composes of three stories, "Baso," "Pridyider," and "Manananggal." This type of Film series, which involves three stories in one movie paved the way for movies like "Regal Shocker" (Regal Films), "Takbo, Talon, Tili!" (Seiko Films), and "Magandang Hatinggabi" (Star Cinema). This first release is most known for its scarier scenes and suspense-filled drama.

The film is known for its mysterious horror genre, very much dark in context, compared to the succeeding series wherein the horror texture is lighter, and in some series like in "Shake, Rattle & Roll 7," comedy progresses in the scenes. Copies of the first installment of the movie series are very rare, since Athena Productions no longer exists.

Actress Janice de Belen will star in an episode of the series in the first three installments.


*Cast: Joel Torre, Rey PJ Abellana, Arlene Muhlach

Three friends decide to play "spirit of the glass" in an old abandoned house. They contact three restless spirits from the Spanish era: Juanito, Ibarra and Maria. When the glass breaks, the spirits inhabit their bodies and begin reliving these spirits' past. It turns out they all died of a love triangle of their own making. A vow of revenge has now poured onto the present.


*Cast: Janice de Belen, Charito Solis, William Martinez, Mon Alvir, Lito Gruet

A family has just moved into their new home complete with an old refrigerator; however, this mysterious refrigerator kills and eats up anyone who opens it for unknown reasons. Janice de Belen plays the protagonist in this chilling episode of the movie. One of the most best remembered episode. Much like when the movie Jaws came out and everyone was afraid to go into the water, there was a rash of fear from everyone of going near an old style fridge.


*Cast: Herbert Bautista, Irma Alegre, Mary Walter, Peewee Quijano, Pen Medina

Douglas (Herbert Bautista) is a teenager in a faraway province. A manananggal is said to live within the vicinity and is out to eat people. He is given the task by his grandmother to kill this creature. Having found a way to prevent it from rejoining to the other half of her body, he must now survive the night to protect his family from the creature's ferocious attacks. This story is one of the most popular and suspenseful episodes of the entire series. Herbert Bautista's role here won him the Best Actor award at the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival.

hake Rattle & Roll II (1990)

The second installment of the "Shake, Rattle & Roll" franchise comes in six years after the first movie premiered. This time, it is produced by Regal Films under the direction of superb directors, Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes. Unlike the original version, the film dwells in both comedy and horror, but most comedic antics are visible in the episode "Kulam."


*Cast: Janice de Belen, Eric Quizon, Eddie Gutierrez, Isabel Granada

Eric Quizon and Janice de Belen play husband and wife who spend their honeymoon in an old house in Baguio. Trouble begins as the husband wears a mysterious ring originally owned by a murderer. The ring when worn cannot be removed, thus, the spirit of the murderer takes hold of him as he wears the ring. He is now out to find his next victim.


*Cast: Joey Marquez, Carmina Villaroel, Daisy Romualdez

An obsessed witch falls in love with Joey Marquez as she performs voodoo towards him. Carmina Villaroel helps out as they find ways to undo the spell. In the end, the Witch becomes a frog


*Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Aljon Jimenez, Ana Roces, Anjo Yllana, Richard Gomez, Vangie Labalan, Rez Cortez

A barkada spend an outing in a faraway province whose inhabitants are all monsters. Ana Roces plays the host (and monster) as she tricks her best friend Manilyn Reynes and the whole group into being consumed by the town's people.

hake Rattle & Roll III (1991)

A year later, the third installment is produced, after the success of the series sequel. Again, Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes team up to direct the much-awaited movie which is also an entry to the 1991 Metro Manila Film Festival.

This movie marks the first appearance of Lilia Cuntapay who plays the "Yaya" in the first episode. Her role as well as her looks here will always be synonymous with her throughout her career as she will be typecasted to play a similar role in the Shake, Rattle & Roll IV and Spirit Warriors (2002)


*Cast: Kris Aquino, Rosemarie Gil, Ogie Alcasid, Lilia Cuntapay

Kris Aquino plays a mother that is aware that there is something wrong in her house. An old spirit has come into her home and is after her baby. Can she save her baby before it is taken away?


*Cast: Janice de Belen, Gina Alajar, Subas Herrero, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Cris da Luz

Janice de Belen plays the sister of Gina Alajar whom she has gotten word that she has just died in their province home. She comes home to find she is not dead but an undead. A cult has taken it upon themselves to bring the dead back to life. She must find a way upon which she can end the curse on her sister and let her rest in peace.


*Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Ai Ai de las Alas, Joey Marquez, Ricardo Cepeda, Vangie Labalan

A sea creature called an "Undin" avenges the loss of her eggs by killing a whole group of people who disturbed them in the ocean. Manilyn Reynes plays one of the girls who has to find a way to bring back the remaining eggs to their mother before she strikes back. This episode is remembered as one of the funniest episodes of the series because of the comedic performance of Ai-Ai delas Alas.

hake, Rattle & Roll IV(1992)

The saga of series continues with the fourth installment of "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Due to the success of the three follow-ups, the team-up of Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes delivers one of the most successful installments ever.


*Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Edu Manzano, Sunshine Cruz, Aljon Jimenez, Nida Blanca

Edu Manzano plays a heartthrob teacher who transforms into a monster and kills his students. With Manilyn Reynes as one of the students in love with the professor, she discovers that the monster is her professor, and he has murdered her best friend, played by Sunshine Cruz.


*Cast: Aiza Seguerra, Janice de Belen, Al Tantay, Lady Lee

Janice de Belen is a nanny whose sole duty is to protect Aiza Seguerra and her baby sister. As they move to a new house, a huge tree situated seems to be the home of a "Witawit." This creature seems to be disturbed by the people and begins kidnapping children one of them at a time, including the little baby babysitted by Janice de Belen's character.


*Cast: Gina Alajar, Aiko Melendez, Miguel Rodriguez, Ai-Ai delas Alas, IC Mendoza, Bella Flores, Lilia Cuntapay

A homeless family and their neighbors in the city of Manila are plagued by attacks from a manananggal. A little boy suspects a nun (Aiko Melendez) who works at the free clinic to be that creature but no one believes him. Will he be able to prove his suspicions before he becomes the creature's next victim? Another funny episode of the series thanks to Ai-Ai delas Alas.

hake Rattle & Roll V (1994)

The fifth installment comes in two years after the hype of the "Shake, Rattle & Roll" Saga. As another entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, Manny Castaneda and Jose Javier Reyes help out in directing the series. Actress Manilyn Reynes stars for the fourth consecutive time in the film series.


*Cast: Ruffa Gutierrez, Monsour del Rosario

A couple takes a vacation on a secluded island and strange forces are at work that seems to keep them on that island. When her boyfriend suddenly grows ill, Ruffa Gutierrez finds a handsome young man (Monsour del Rosario) in the woods who seems to exhibit magical powers. He offers to cure her sick friend on one condition that she stay with him forever. Will she take a bite at the apple to save her loved one?


*Cast: Sheryl Cruz, Jacklyn Jose, Dingdong Dantes, Ogie Diaz

A family of siblings moves into their new apartment but little did they know of a tragedy that occurred within its walls. A ghost of a murderer manifests itself in a form of a shadow and has now set its sight on them. How can you fight what you can't touch?


*Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Tom Taus Jr., Chuck Perez, Don Pepot

Two rich bickering siblings are kidnapped and taken to an old house to await for the ransom for their release. What they don't know as do the kidnappers that the house they've entered is home to a vampire (Chuck Perez) and it is feeding time. Will the siblings stop bickering and work together to survive two threats on their lives?

hake Rattle & Roll VI (1997)

Maurice Carvajal, Anton Juan and Frank Rivera are commissioned for the sixth installment of the series. This time, it is not for a Metro Manila Film Festival release, but was slated for an early 1997 teaser for the new year. Notably, this would be the last installment of the series before the turn of the new millennium.


*Cast: Camille Pratts, Joanne Quintas, Kiko Villanueva

With her parents always fighting, a neglected child (Camille Pratts) finds solace in watching her brand new TV. A clown appears on the TV screen and invites her into his world. When she refuses, the clown comes out and forcibly takes her into the TV. Will her parents even notice that she is gone?


*Cast: Ara Mina, Aiza Seguerra, Matet de Leon, Tom Taus Jr.

Three teenage girls who are strangers to one another. Their only connection is a ghost of a little boy (Tom Taus Jr.) haunting a bridge leading out of town. They must band together to help this little boy rest in peace. This movie marks the first and only time that Aiza Seguerra and Matet de Leon, rival child stars in the late 1980s, have worked together on a film.


*Cast: Tonton Gutierrez, Georgia Ortega, Roy Alvarez, Raymond Keannu

Deaths on campus are investigated by a teacher (Tonton Gutierrez) which leads him to one of his prized students (Georgia Ortega) to be the only connection to the murdered students. He later discovers that she turns into a monster when there is a full moon. Will she kill him to keep her secret or will her love for him prevail?

Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5(2005)

Also known as "Shake, Rattle & Roll 2k5," the horror series returns in 2005 with more use of special effects and less of prosthetics. It is again part of the Metro Manila Film Festival, but this time, the comeback seem to fail audiences in giving the trademark chills and horror sequences.


*Cast: Ai Ai de las Alas, Gloria Romero, Rainier Castillo, Yasmien Kurdi, Biboy Ramirez

Ai Ai de las Alas returns to the series this time as a fake spiritualist hired by a rich woman to contact the spirit of a family member. Her team who are suppose to set up the fake seance are suddenly disappearing one by one and the mystery deepens when she notices the "poso" (old-style water pump) in the backyard is dripping with blood.


*Cast: Ara Mina, Ogie Alcasid, Paul Salas, Wilma Doesnt

A family moves into their new apartment complete with an old aquarium. Mysterious deaths are later taking place of people drowning in their apartment within the vicinity of their aquarium. A weak version of the episode "Pridyeder" from Part I.

Lihim ng San Joaquin

*Cast: Mark Anthony Fernandez, Tanya Garcia, Elizabeth Oropesa, Ronnie Lazaro

A man and his pregnant wife move to a small town in the province to start a new life. They are shocked to discover that the town they've moved into is a town full of malevolent aswangs and they are hungry for fresh meat especially their still-to-be-born baby. The man must now survive the night to protect his wife and child. Many fans of the series find this episode to be weak combination of the "Aswang" episode from Part II and the "Manananggal" episode from Part I.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 (2006)

13th Floor

*Cast: Keanna Reeves, Bearwin Meily, Krystal Reyes, Roxanne Guinoo

Birthday planners set up a party for a young girl (Krystal Reyes) and her friends. Her friends turned out to be ghosts of children who died in a fire years ago when the building used to be an orphanage. Can they put these spirits to rest?


*Cast: Iza Calzado, Sheryl Cruz, Nash Aguas, Debraliz Valasote, TJ Trinidad

A young boy suspects her "yaya" to be an "aswang" and is out to eat his baby sister. Learning tales on how to stop the monster from his teacher, he will do whatever it takes to protect his sister from the threat.


*Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Keempee de Leon, Quintin Alianza, Ehra Madrigal, Cass Ponti, Empress Schuck, Dino Imperial, Mico Palanca, IC Mendoza, Mhyco Aquino, Sergio Garcia, Charles Christianson and Eugene Domingo.

A group of commuters late at night are puzzled why the LRT has stopped at a station that appears to have been abandoned and with no way to get out unto the street below. They are soon attacked by a mysterious monster who hunts them down one by one. With no chance of escape, will help arrive in time to save them?

Shake, Rattle and Roll 9 (2007)

Christmas Tree

* Cast: Tonton Gutierrez, Gina Alajar, Boots Anson-Roa, John Prats, Lovi Poe, Nash Aguas

Christmas tree, unveils the bone-rattling story of a family who spends a Christmas break at their grandmother's house after recovering from a painful tragedy. As they happily celebrate their warm Christmas reunion, the eerie looking Christmas tree from the living room unblinkingly watches them with its blood hungry eyes waiting for the right timing to turn each family member into its grand Christmas feast.


*Cast: Dennis Trillo, Pauleen Luna, Roxanne Guinoo

Bangungot spins a daunting suspense thriller about unrequited love. Young and beautiful Marionne (Roxanne Guinoo) is helplessly in love with the ultra serious Jerome (Dennis Trillo) who is already engaged to Florence (Pauleen Luna). As Marionne decides to confront Jerome, a red cloaked phantom horrendously traps them both into a twilight zone nightmare that leads to an unexpected fatal twist.


*Cast: Katrina Halili, Matt Evans, Jewel Mische, Mart Escudero, Felix Roco, Melissa Ricks, Sam Concepcion

"Engkanto" grips us into the uncanny tale of a teenage gothic band heading for a gig in a remote province but unfortunately finds themselves lost in the forest and inevitably takes refuge to an abandoned resort. Unknown to them they have trespassed into the territory of the stunningly tempting Engkanto (Katrina Halili) who has menacingly bound them into an inescapable deadly spell.

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