A followspot, sometimes known as a Spot Light, is a powerful stage light which can be controlled by a human spotlight operator to "follow" actors around the stage. Followspots are commonly used in concerts. Followspots are usually located in the overhead catwalks.

Characteristics of a typical follow spot include:
*A strong light source, often a high-intensity discharge lamp with a high colour temperature
*A lens lens which can be manually focused
*A manual device to change the intensity of the beam, especially when an HID source which can not be electronically dimmed is used
*An "iris" to adjust the size of the spot/angle of the beam
*A color magazine or "boomerang" consisting of several gel frames which can be swung in front of the beam
*Some sort of physical sight to assist in aiming is sometimes added onto the lamp by the operator.

Some followspots can be fitted with colourchangers to colour the beam, and/or gobo holders to create a variety of effects. Most followspots can be fitted with colour gels.


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