Tibshelf Town railway station

Tibshelf Town railway station

Tibshelf Town railway station is a disused station in Tibshelf in Derbyshire.

The village was the site for the UK's first inland oil well (As is proudly stated on road signs at either end of the village). In the 19th century, coal was discovered, and coal mining overtook agriculture as the primary industry in the area, and a local railway system was developed. Two deep mines were sunk, but were under threat of closure for a number of years following partial cave-in. Tibshelf had its own railway station on the Great Central Railway line, which closed in the 1960s. The collieries also closed around this time, although coal mining continued to be a major source of employment for the village, with around 2,000 of Tibshelf's inhabitants working at local pits in the early 1980s. Some of the former railway lines were redeveloped by Derbyshire County Council in the 1970s, and now form the award-winning Five Pits Trail network. The trail runs approximately 12 miles, from Tibshelf to Grassmoor Country Park.


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