Liberal People's Party (Norway, 1992)

Liberal People's Party (Norway, 1992)

Det Liberale Folkeparti (Liberal People's Party, DLF) is a Norwegian political party created in 1992 by some of the members of the old Liberal People's Party. During the 1990s, some of the Progress Party's members perceived the Progress Party to have become less liberal than it had been in its older days. These members of the Progress Party then decided to join DLF. DLF has since become increasingly libertarian on almost all issues, and a promoter of economic liberalism and laissez-faire capitalism. Thus, the party's politics are summed up to that the state should only protect individuals' rights through police, court of law and a military service.

DLF differs from the United States Libertarian Party in respect of some fundamental issues, like interventionism. From Libertarian perspectives on foreign intervention one can read that libertarians are anti-interventionists, while DLF is not against foreign interventionism.

DLF has had extremely limited success in parliamentary elections. In the 2005 parliamentary election they ran in only two of the 19 counties, and they achieved a total of 213 votes - 0,008% of the total national vote. Their best county was Hordaland, where they won 0,04% of the vote.


DLF wants to:
*Abolish taxes (some kept to a definitive minimum
*Abolish all restrictions that currently are on free trade between Norway and the rest of the world. DLF does not, however, wish for Norway to join the EU, and it has been said by the party leader Vegard Martinsen that they see the EU as a social democratic organization.
*Simplify the laws
*Abolish state financing of businesses. Roads and highways should be constructed and maintained by the free market.
*Abolish state financing of various groups, including farmers and the poor and homeless.
*Abolish restrictions on immigration, open up the country's borders.
*Abolish the mandatory military service
*Complete the separation of state and church
*Legalize drugs

Party leaders

*2003- Vegard Martinsen
*2001-03 Arne Lidwin
*1997-01 Trond Johansen
*1995-97 Runar Henriksen
*1992-95 Tor Ingar Østerud

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External links

*no icon [ Det Liberale Folkepartiet (Liberal People's Party)] official site
*no icon [ Liberalistisk Ungdom (Liberalist Youth)] official site of the youth party

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