Nottingham Malaysian Games

Nottingham Malaysian Games

Nottingham Malaysian Games, known to many as Notts Games[1], is the largest sporting event of its kind, attracting members of Malaysian-related university societies from the length and breath of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It was first organised by the committee of Nottingham Malaysian Society[2] in 1985 and has been since held annually. It is held at 5 different venues; University of Nottingham Sports Centre, Portland Building, Nottingham Tennis Centre, PowerLeague Nottingham and Highfields Park. It is held in conjunction with Malaysian Food Festival.

Nottingham Malaysian Games 2009 Official Logo.


Participated Universities

University Year University Year
University of Nottingham 1985 - 2009
University of Aberdeen  ? - 2006 University of Bath  ? - 2006
University of Birmingham  ? - 2006 University of Bristol  ? - 2006
University of Cambridge  ? - 2006 Cardiff University  ? - 2006
De Montfort University  ? University of Derby  ?
University of Dundee  ? Durham University  ?
University of East Anglia  ? University of East London  ?
University of Edinburgh  ? - 2006 University of Essex  ?
University of Exeter  ? - 2006 University of Glasgow  ?
Heriot-Watt University  ? - 2006 University of Kent  ? - 2006
Lancaster University  ? - 2006 University of Leeds  ? - 2006
University of Leicester  ? - 2006 University of Liverpool  ? - 2006
University of London  ? - 2006 Imperial College London  ? - 2006
King's College London  ? - 2006 London School of Economics (LSE)  ? - 2006
Queen Mary, University of London  ? - 2006 Royal Academy of Music  ?
St George's, University of London  ? University College London (UCL)  ? - 2006
Loughborough University  ? - 2006 University of Manchester  ? - 2011
Newcastle University  ? - 2006 University of Northampton  ?
Northumbria University  ? University of Oxford  ? - 2006
University of Plymouth  ? - 2006 University of Portsmouth  ? - 2006
Queen's University Belfast  ? St Mary's University College  ?
University of Reading  ? Royal College of Art, London  ?
University of St Andrews  ? - 2006 University of Sheffield  ? - 2011
University of Southampton  ? - 2006 University of Stirling  ?
University of Sunderland  ? Saint Mary's College, London  ?
University of Sussex  ? University of Teesside  ?
Thames Valley University  ? University of Ulster  ?
University of Wales  ? - 2006 University of Wales, Aberystwyth  ? - 2006
University of Wales, Bangor  ? University of Wales, Lampeter  ?
University of Wales, Newport  ? University of Wales, Swansea  ? - 2006
University of Warwick  ? - 2010 University of Westminster  ?
University of the West of England  ? University of Winchester  ?
University of Wolverhampton  ? - 2006 University of Worcester  ?
University of York  ? - 2006 York St John University  ?


1985 - 2005

The first inception of Nottingham Malaysian Games was in 1985, the year it was introduced by then NMS Committee. From 1985 till 2005, the games have started to gain interest and participation by Malaysians in United Kingdom.

2006 - 2008

The 20th Nottingham Malaysian Games (2006) saw one of the biggest number of dignitaries present for the event, with then Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, accompanied by Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal, was given the honour to launch the game at the sports centre. The event also began to attract participation from Ireland. Squash was introduced for the first time in 2006.[1] Two vice-chancellors from Malaysia were also present, with an estimated record number of 5,200 students from more than 60 universities.[2]

Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek with delegates and 2009/2010 Nottingham Malaysian Society President.

In 2007 and 2008, no significant changes were done to the organisation and structure of the Games, but high quality was maintained throughout the running of the games in both years. In 2008, the event was officiated by Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Higher Education Minister of Malaysia.

2009 (Silver Jubilee)

In 2009, the 25th Year celebration was held, breaking the record of number of dignitaries, participants and supporters, with more than half of Malaysians currently in UK and Ireland congregating in Nottingham for the event[3]. The event was graced with the attendance of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, representing Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia [3]. During the event, he complimented the leadership values portrayed by the committee in organising such a large event with little help from sponsoring companies and the Government[3]

Delegates present during the event were [4][5]:

  • the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, representing Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Professor David Greenaway, Vice Chancellor of University of Nottingham
  • delegates from Malaysian Students' Department UK and Ireland
  • delegates from University of Nottingham International Office and Vice Chancellor's Office
  • delegates from Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports

2009's Motto read: New Games, New Ground, New Generation.

The year 2009 also saw the largest number of media representatives, including:


Year Overall Champion 5-a-side Football
2011 University of Manchester University of Sheffield
2010  ? University of Southampton
2009 University of Nottingham University of Sheffield (Runner-up)
2006 University of Nottingham  ?
2005  ? London School of Economics
2004  ? University of Bristol
Year Badminton Male Badminton Female
2006  ?  ?
2005  ?  ?
2004  ?  ?
Year Badminton Double Basketball
2011 University of Manchester University of Manchester
2006  ?  ?
2005  ?  ?
2004  ?  ?
Year Lightning Chess Lightning Snooker
2006 Imperial College London  ?
2005 University College London (UCL)  ?
2004 University of Southampton  ?
2007 University of Central Lancashire
Year Table Tennis Male Table Tennis Female
2006  ?  ?
2005  ? University of Southampton
2004  ?  ?
Year Scrabble
2006  ?
2005  ?
2004  ?
Year Netball Volleyball
2006 University of Nottingham  ?
2005  ?  ?
2004  ?  ?
Year Squash Male Squash Female
2011 University of Manchester  ?
2006* University of Nottingham University of Bristol


The sportsmanship oath is recited before the start of the games, and was first introduced in 2008[7].

We, the participants of Nottingham Malaysian Games, vow to abide to the good virtues of sportsmanship and conform to the etiquette of sport. We shall express our aspiration for sports with proper consideration for fairness and equality, and shall practise the following qualities of a good sportsman:

  • Full commitment to participation
  • Respect and concern for rules and officials
  • Respect and concern for social conventions
  • Respect and concern for the opponent
  • Avoid poor attitudes toward participation
Kami, para peserta Nottingham Malaysian Games, berikrar akan patuh kepada nilai-nilai murni serta etiket kesukanan. Kami akan melahirkan semangat kesukanan dengan mengambil kira keadilan dan kesaksamaan, serta akan taat kepada prinsip-prinsip berikut:
  • Komitmen kepada penyertaan
  • Penghormatan kepada peraturan serta pegawai sukan
  • Penghormatan kepada konvensyen sosial
  • Penghormatan kepada pihak lawan
  • Penghindaran sikap-sikap negatif terhadap penyertaan

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