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motto =Vigilare et admonere

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coor_type =isle
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Jethou (IPA2|ˈdʒɛt.huː) is a small island that is part of the Channel Islands. It is privately leased, and not open to the public.

It is immediately south of Herm and has an area of approximately convert|44|acre|ha.


It is said that in AD 709 a storm washed away the strip of land which connected the island with Herm. [ [ About Herm] ]

The island's name contains the "-hou" suffix.

In 1416, it became part of Henry V of England's estate and still remains a Crown lease and now owned by the States of Guernsey.

Modern history

From 1920 to 1923 it was leased by Compton MacKenzie along with Herm, and remained part of that estate for years, although it is currently part of a different one.

On the top is a marker. It is said that in earlier times, pirates were hanged on it with chains, like nearby Crevichon.

From September 1964 until December 1971 the Island was occupied by the Faed family consisting of Mr Angus Faed, his wife Susan Faed and their four children, Colin, Erik, Colette and Amanda. Mrs. Susan Faed was the 22nd tenant of Jethou.

It is flanked by two islets, Crevichon to the north and Fauconniere to the south. There is one house on the island and two cottages as well as a large garage where vehicles such as quad bikes and tractors are stored.

It is now leased by Sir Peter Ogden of IT company Computacenter.


At the back (East) of Jethou, puffins can be seen swimming off the rocks.

They also nest there in the East clifftop (or at least they did up to 1971)

ee also

*List of tenants of Jethou


* "BBC Pronouncing Dictionary of British Names" (Oxford UP, 1971)

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