Blind Idiot God

Blind Idiot God

Blind Idiot God is an instrumental rock trio initially formed in the mid 1980s in St. Louis, Missouri by Andy Hawkins, Gabe Katz and Ted Epstein. They socialized with the St. Louis punk/hard-core scene, including members of Drunks with Guns and Ultraman. The band later moved to Brooklyn, after signing a contract with SST Records, headed by Greg Ginn of Black Flag. Ginn signed the band after hearing their self-produced cassette demo, which was passed around by fans in St. Louis.

Though at its core heavy metal, Blind Idiot God's music was informed by punk, dub, and classical music composers György Ligeti and Igor Stravinsky. In a 1997 "Guitar Player" interview, Hawkins reports, "When I listen to a lot of metal and hard rock, I think 'Great Intensity! Boring chords!'"

Blind Idiot God have recently resumed activity after a long hiatus (with Tim Wyskida of Khanate replacing Epstein) and have played a few shows in the New York/Brooklyn area within the last 6 months. Apparently, they are going to record new material in the near future.

The phrase "blind idiot god" comes from the works of H. P. Lovecraft, where the god Azathoth is described as such.


*Andy Hawkins – guitar
*Gabe Katz – bass guitar
*Ted Epstein – drums
*Tim Wyskida – drums


* "self-produced demo cassette"
* "Blind Idiot God" (SST Records, 1987)
* "Undertow" (Enemy Records, 1989)
* "Purged Specimen EP" (1989) (with John Zorn)
# Sawtooth (Hawkins) 2:20
# Clockwork Dub (Hawkins) 4:27
# Alice In My Fantasies (Cook,Clinton) 2:54
# Purged Specimen (Zorn) 1:52:Andy Hawkins: guitar; Gabe Katz: bass; Ted Epstein: drums; John Zorn (4): saxophone.:Recorded May and June 1988 at B.C. Studio, Brooklyn, New York.:Produced by Bill Laswell. Track 4 produced by John Zorn.:1988 - Enemy Records, EMY 12001 (12")
* "Cyclotron" (Avant label,1993)

* Azonic "Halo" - Strata 02 CD-USA . solo guitar by Andy Hawkins; Downtown Music Gallery says: "solo guitar feedback noise from Blind Idiot God's Andy Hawkins - pretty loud & disturbing!"
* Automaton "Dub Terror Exhaust" - Strata 04 CD-USA . dub/ambient w/ Bill Laswell, Sly Dunbar, the Alchemist (aka DJ Spooky), Gabe Katz
* Automaton "Jihad: Points of Order" - Strata 05 CD-USA . dub/ambient w/ Bill Laswell, Sly Dunbar, the Alchemist (aka DJ Spooky), Gabe Katz

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