Life on Other Planets

Life on Other Planets

Infobox Album |
Name = Life On Other Planets
Type = Album
Artist = Supergrass

Released = 30 September 2002 (UK)
11 February 2003 (US)
2002 (JPN)
Recorded = Mayfair Studios,
Heliocentric Studios,
Rockfield Studios
Between October, 2001 and March, 2002
Genre = Britpop, Alternative rock
Length = 40:38
Label = Parlophone
Producer = Tony Hoffer
Reviews =
*Allmusic rating|4.5|5 [ link]
*BBC (Positive) [ link]
*Drowned in Sound rating|7|10 [ link]
* musicOMH (Positive) [ link]
* "NME" rating|7|10 [ link]
* Pitchfork Media rating|7.6|10 [ link]
*Q Magazine rating|2|5
*Rolling Stone rating|3|5
*Blenderrating|4|5 [ link]
Last album = "Supergrass"
This album = "Life On Other Planets"
Next album = "Road to Rouen"
Misc = Singles
Name = Life On Other Planets
Type = Album
Single 1 = Never Done Nothing Like That Before
Single 1 date = 1 July, 2002
Single 2 = Grace
Single 2 date = 16 September, 2002
Single 3 = Seen The Light
Single 3 date = 27 January, 2003
Single 4 = Rush Hour Soul
Single 4 date = 4 August, 2003

"Life On Other Planets", or L.O.O.P as it is often abbreviated to, is the fourth album from English rock band Supergrass. It is the first album that includes Rob Coombes as an official member of the band. It peaked at #9 in the UK charts. [ [ The Strange Ones Supergrass Site ] ]

The band claim that much of the inspiration for this album was gleaned from a "working holiday" [ The Strange Ones Supergrass Site ] ] in the Cote d'Azur, Southern France together, listening to the French radio station Nostalgie and watching Carl Sagan documentaries on the cosmos [ [ UTR - Issue 4 ] ] . Carl Sagan and Douglas Adams are in fact mentioned on the reverse of "Life On Other Planets" under a list of people Supergrass would like to thank.

The naming of the album was influenced by this excursion, but also by a telescope which qualified astrophysicist and keyboard player Rob Coombes, would bring with him to the recording studio in order to see the planets; "...we got fascinated on everything above us and came up with the title." Explains Mick Quinn.

The band hired an outside producer, Tony Hoffer, for the record, having felt that their last release, "Supergrass", lacked some of the urgency of their previous albums: "He helped us keep the takes quite short and sweet," says Danny Goffey. "We really didn't mess around because he kept us moving. If we had done it on our own again, we'd just get really analytical and start crying and trying to mend things that weren't broken [ The Strange Ones Supergrass Site ] ] ."

The album was first debuted at the Meltdown festival in London’s Royal Festival Hall on 28 June 2002 [ [ The Strange Ones Supergrass Site ] ] .

Track listing

CD 5418002 LTD. ED. 12" (with free poster) 5418001
#"Za" – 3:04
#"Rush Hour Soul" – (2:55)
#"Seen the Light" – (2:25)
#"Brecon Beacons" – (2:56)
#"Can't Get Up" – (4:02)
#"Evening Of The Day" – (5:18) The track is in fact a tribute to Spinal Tap song "All the Way Home", with the lyric "If she's not on that 3:15, then I'm gonna know what sorrow means."
#"Never Done Nothing Like That Before" – (1:43)
#"Funniest Thing" – (2:29)
#"Grace" – (2:30)
#"La Song" – (3:43)
#"Prophet 15" – (4:05)
#"Run" – (5:28)

CD TOCP 66003 (JPN only)

The Japanese release of the album has the same track listing as above, but with the addition of:

13. "Velvetine" (3:39)

14. "Electric Cowboy" (5:09)

Enhanced CD 440 063 685-2 (US only)

This contained the same tracks as the standard release, but the enhanced section consisted of the following:
#"Grace (video)" (2:37)
#"Seen The Light (video)" (2:45)


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