American International University-Bangladesh

American International University-Bangladesh

name = American International University-Bangladesh

caption = AIUB Logo
motto = "Where leaders are created"
established = 1994
type = Private, Coeducational
staff =
faculty = 180+ (full-time faculty). Numbers as of Spring, 2007-2008
president =
provost =
principal =
rector =
chancellor = Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed
vice_chancellor = Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna("Awarded “The Pamana ng Pilipino Award"”) [cite web|last=VC AIUB awarded Presidential Awards for Filipino Individualse|fast=|url=|title=Star Campus|accessdate=2007-06-14]
Chairman = Dr. Anwarul Abedin
students = 7012 as of 2008-2009, Fall
freshman = 727 (Fall'08-09)
undergrad =
postgrad =
professors =
city = Dhaka
state = Banani
country = Bangladesh
coor = coord|23.794458|90.401586|display=inline,title|type:edu
campus = Urban
free_label =
free =
colors =
colors = Dark Blue

mascot =
fightsong =
nickname =AIUB
affiliations = University Grants Commission Bangladesh
footnotes =
website = []
address = Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
telephone = (8802)9890415, (8802)8815386

American International University-Bangladesh ( _bn. আমেরিকান ইন্টারন্যাশনাল ইউনিভার্সিটি-বাংলাদেশ) (AIUB) is a government approved private university of Bangladesh. It was established in 1994 by Dr. Anwarul Abedin under the Private University Act, 1992. [cite web|url=|title= Private University Act, 1992|accessdate=2008-03-16] It is now the top private university in Bangladesh for Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). The university is an independent organization with its own Board of Trustees. [cite web|last=An independent organization with its own Board of Trustees|url=|title=Overview of AIUB|accessdate=2008-03-10] The University is situated in Kemal Atatürk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka and it has five campuses with one separate administrative building. AIUB was awarded the “Best Business School” [cite web|last=Best Business School in 2004|url=|title=Commission on Filipinos Overseas|accessdate=2008-03-10] in 2004 by the Financial News Service (FNS), an economic news service which conducted a survey on the performance of all universities, and financial and industrial organizations in Bangladesh.

In July 2008, Webometrics ranked this university 2nd in Private Universities, 4th in Bangladesh and 92th in the Indian subcontinent in their "World Universities Ranking" based on electronic publication, scientific results and international activities.” [cite web|last=Cybermetrics Lab (2008). Regional and Global Ranking of Indian region. CCHS-CSIC. Madrid, Spain|url=|title=Webometrics Ranking, July 2008|accessdate=2008-09-27]

In 2008, [] ranked this university 1st among the Private Universities and 3rd in Bangladesh in their "Colleges and Universities By 2008 Web Popularity Ranking list". [ [ International education directory of Colleges and Universities] ]

Academic programs

The academic programs gradually develops around the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Business Administration, and Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. [cite web|last=Academic programs|url=|title=Degrees offered at present|accessdate=2008-03-10] ;Faculty of Science:
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
*Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Information System
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
*Master of Science in Computer Science :AIUB offers:
*MICROSOFT (MCSA, MCSE, MCDST) Courses Under Continuing Education Program ;Faculty of Engineering:
*Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
*Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
*Bachelor of Architecture ;Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in:
*Mass Communication & Media Arts
*AdvertisingMasters Programs:
*Master of Social Science in Health Economics
*Masters in Public Health ;Faculty of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in:
*Accounting & Finance
*Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM)
*Human Resource Management (HRM)
*Management Information System (MIS)
*Operations Management (OM)
*International Business (IB)

Master in Business Administration (MBA) with majors in:
*Human Resource Management (HRM)
*Management Information System (MIS)
*Operations Management (OM)
*Marketing Special MBA Programs:
*Executive MBA
*Agribusiness MBA (AIUB is the first and only university of the nation to offer the program) [cite web |url=|title= Agribusiness MBA is offered for the first time in Bangladesh by AIUB.|accessdate=2008-03-25]


Administration Building is located at coord|23.794458|N|90.401586|E|.
Campus 1: Faculty of Business Administration is located at coord|23.794278|N|90.405611|E|.
Campus 2: Faculty of Engineering is located at coord|23.794686|N|90.402417|E|.
Campus 3: Department of Natural Science is located at coord|23.794650|N|90.401678|E|.
Campus 4: Faculty of Science and IT Department is located at coord|23.794503|N|90.406175|E|.
Campus 5: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is located at coord|23.794467|N|90.405664|E|.
Site for Permanent Campus is located at coord|23.821783|N|90.428211|E|.

Number of Graduates:

*1st Convocation : 43, " [December 11, 1999] "
*2nd Convocation : 137, " [February 4, 2002] "
*3rd Convocation : 140, " [January 30, 2003] "
*4th Convocation : 246, " [January 09, 2004] "
*5th Convocation : 341, " [February 26, 2005] "
*6th Convocation : 597, " [February 5, 2006] "
*7th Convocation : 753, " [February 25, 2007] "
*8th Convocation : 743, " [March 10, 2008] "

Academic body

*Pro Vice Chancellor: Prof. Dr. Anwar Hossain
*Vice President for Academics and Dean-in-Charge, Faculty of Engineering: Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain
*Dean, Faculty of Business Administration: Prof. Dr. Charles Villanueva
*Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Prof. Dr. Charles Villanueva
*Dean, Faculty of Science: Prof. Dr. A.B.M Siddique Hossain
*Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Prof. Dr. Tazul Islam
*Associate Dean, Faculty of Business Administration.: Prof. Dr. Tazul Islam
*Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering : Prof. Dr. Hasan I. Chowdhury
*Registrar: Prof. M A Quaiyum

Academic bunting and tassel color

Research & innovation

In the research arena, AIUB has boldly continued with its academic journals: [ AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE)] , ISSN # 1608-3679 and AIUB Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE), ISSN # 1683-8742. Since the first publications in 2002 by the [ Office of Research & Publications (ORP)] of AIUB, three issues per years are being published regularly and the journals have been appreciated by the academics of the country and abroad. To make its unique mark in the research arena, AIUB has launched the nation's first online databank. This [ databank] contains historical financial data of nation's business, stock market, economic data and HR data. In 2006, four students from its Computer Engineering department constructed an autonomous robot vehicle called "Robo-Car" [cite web |url=|title= 'Robo-car' on the road|accessdate=2008-03-16] as their final design project. It is an autonomous car capable to move without human-control and detect obstacles. By sensing the presence of obstacle, it makes instant decision to select its appropriate path. Inventors of "Robo-Car" were inspired by the "Fire Fighting Bot", a project presented in a robot competition at Trinity College, USA.

AIUB Quality Assurance Center (AQAC)

In pursuit of the University’s mission, vision and goals and adherence to the principles of quality and excellence of academic programs, AIUB establishes “AIUB Quality Assurance Center (AQAC)” on 1st September 2008. [cite web |url=|title= AIUB Quality Assurance Center (AQAC)|accessdate=2008-09-17]

*Mr. Md. Maksudur Rahman Sarker, FCMA - Professor & Director of AQAC
*Dr ABM Rahmatullah - Assistant Professor & Member of AQAC
*Ms. Afroza Nahar - Assistant Professor & Member of AQAC
*Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain - Assistant Professor & Member of AQAC
*Mr. Bikash Barua - Assistant Professor & Member of AQAC

Computing facilities

*Number of Computer Labs: 10
*Separate labs for Microsoft, SUN & CISCO certification
*Number of Workstations: 450 (only lab)
*Number of Servers: 12
*24 hours internet access: fiber optic backbone with 3Mbit/s bandwidth, own VSAT with dedicated 768/5124K bandwidth as backup
*In-house software development facilities.
*In-house built Virtual University Expert System
*New Sun Solaris and JAVA platform laboratories are added
*All the classrooms have internet connection and multimedia projector

Engineering labs

*Analog Electronics Lab
*Computer Hardware and Architecture Lab
*Computer Networks Lab
*Control System Lab
*Digital Electronics Lab
*Digital Signal Processing Lab
*Electrical Circuits Lab
*Electrical Machines Lab
*Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
*Microcomputer Lab
*Microprocessor Lab
*Microwave Engineering Lab
*Motor and Transformer Winding Repair Shop
*PCB Etching Room
*Industrial and Power Electronics Lab
*Telecommunications Lab

Other labs

*Architecture Studios
*Chemistry Laboratory
*Physics Laboratory
*Language Laboratory

Library facilities

*There are about 26,000 books, 95 online journals and others articles, periodicals, CDs, video covering more than 80 academic areas
*'AIUB Library System' for Searching Books (created by university IT department)
*Four terminals to search for and locate books
*Students ID cards (with bar-coding system) stand as Library Card


VUES stands for Virtual University Expert System. This is a Web & Smart Client based solution for complete university automation including web-based registration, councelling, distant study and Smart Client administration application. This system is developed by the development team [cite web|last=AIUB VUES Development Team|url=|title=Development Team|accessdate=2008-03-10] of AIUB's IT department. Students can browse the [ university web site] , collect course materials, submit assignments without going to the university. It helps students to enjoy the facilities of the university campus from their home and keeps students more active through its various automated features. It reminds students about the upcoming quizzes and notifies about missed assignments. It also shows exam results, performance reports and helps students collect class notes when they miss classes. Students can communicate with the teachers using its instant messaging feature. They can make appointment with the teachers and request for advice from anywhere in the world. [cite web|last=Executive Summary of VUES|url=|title=AIUB VUES|accessdate=2008-03-10]


The auditorium can accommodate 210 people at a time. It is ideally suited for seminars, meetings, special classes and business presentation.

Hostel facilities

AIUB provides housing for international students and out-of-Dhaka students, both for male and female students.

AIUB logistics

*Urban Campus in Prime Location
*Modern Class Room Facilities
*Rich Library
*Highly equipped Language Lab
*State of the Art Science and Engineering Labs
*Modern Design Studio for Architecture Department
*Auditorium for Multi-purpose use
*Professional Gymnasium
*Health Service Center
*Student Residence Facilities


*Academic Counseling: Each faculty member is required to provide additional academic assistance and guidance outside the class hours.
*Office of Placement & Alumni [cite web |url= |title= Office of Placement & Alumni] , Separate placement office to assist students to find challenging and growth oriented employment and internship
*Office of Student Affairs: Coordinates controls and initiates external and internal student activities.
*Office of Probation: Provides special academic counseling to students with academic need or deficiency.
*Office of Planning and Development: Involved with long term university development and strategic planning.
*Office of Research and Publications [cite web |url=|title= Office of Research and Publications ] : Coordinates academic research and publication of AIUB Journal of Business and Economics and AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering. ORP is also responsible for the publications of online working paper series in collaboration with RePEc [cite web |url=|title= RePEc] and EcoPapers [cite web |url=|title= EcoPapers]
*International Affiliation: Affiliation with several universities and organizations world-wide.
*Securities: Security facilities include 24 hours in-house security personnel. Monitoring is accomplished through CC TV.
*Authorized Pearson VUE testing center for GMAT, UKCAT and LNET. IT Vendor Certification for CISCO, SUN, Microsoft etc.
*Authorized testing center for TOEFL, iBT.

Extra curricular activities

AIUB is one of the only five universities from Bangladesh who have participated in the maximum level of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) commonly known as ACM ICPC World Final. [cite web |url=|title= Final Standing, ACM ICPC World Final 2002|accessdate=2008-03-16] In 2001, AIUB qualified for the world final through "Wild Card" by securing second place in ACM ICPC Kanpur Site regional. [cite web|url=|title= ACM ICPC Kanpur Site regional standing 2001|accessdate=2008-03-16]
*AIUB Performing Arts Club
*AIUB Oratory Club
*AIUB Drama Club
*AIUB Software Club
*English Writing Club
*English Speaking Club
*AIUB Business Club
*AIUB Social Welfare Club
*AIUB Alumni Association
*AIUB Cricket Team
*ACES-AIUB Chapter
*IEEE AIUB Chapter

trategic alliances

In a constant effort to internationalize its education and improve its global competitiveness, AIUB has been increasing its affiliations with reputed universities of North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

Memberships of the university

*International Association of Universities (IAU)
*International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)
*American Association of University Administrators (AAUA)
*Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN)
*American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AmCham)
*Association of Universities in the Asia & the Pacific (AUAP)
*Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI)
*Score recipients of GMAT and TOEFL with code 7067
*AIUB is listed in the International University Handbook, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 edition, Published by UNESCO


External links

* [ AIUB Official website]
* [ AIUB Performing Arts Club]
*The July,2008 ranking of the webometrics []

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