Striated duct

Striated duct

A striated duct is a gland duct which connects an intercalated duct to an interlobular duct. It is characterized by the basal infoldings of its plasma membrane, characteristic of ion-pumping activity by the numerous mitochondria. [UCDavisOrganology|Digestive/mammal/salivary2/salivary1 - "Mammal, salivary glands (EM, Low)"] [UCDavisOrganology|Digestive/mammal/salivary1/salivary4 - "Mammal, salivary glands (LM, Medium)"] Along with the intercalated ducts, they function to modify salivary fuid by secreting HCO3- and K+ and reabsorbing Na+ and Cl-.

Their epithelium can be simple cuboidal or simple columnar. [ [ SIU SOM Histology GI ] ]

Striated ducts are part of the intralobular ducts.

They are found in the submandibular gland [BUHistology|10103loa] [ [ Histology at] ] and the parotid gland. [ [ Oral histology at] ]

They are not present in pancreas.


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