Armada, used in English, is a word of Spanish origin similar to navy or fleet, but is slightly archaic and romanticised, and carries implications of links to historical Spanish naval traditions. This is the same meaning as in Spanish, but in English, unlike in Spanish, it refers particularly to the Great Armada of 1588.


In etymological origin, armada is a Spanish word meaning "armed" in the feminine form. It is used in many Spanish-speaking nations as the title of the national naval force (other Spanish-speaking countries use "marina" [English: navy] or "marina de guerra" [English: war navy] ). Mexico uses the variation "Marina Armada" (Armed Navy) for the Mexican Navy. The word has evolved to mean a military navy or fleet in its English language use.

In Spanish the word "armada" also appears in other military contexts, such as "fuerzas armadas" (English: armed forces). El Salvador uses the term "Fuerza Armada de El Salvador", in English Armed Force of El Salvador.

Armada may refer to:

Naval / military


*The Spanish Armada or Great Armada, an unsuccessful attempted invasion of England by Spain in 1588.
*The English Armada or Counter Armada, an unsuccessful English naval campaign in 1589 following the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
*The Armada of 1779 or Other Armada, an unsuccessful attempted invasion of England by France and Spain in 1779.
*HMS "Armada", name of two ships in the British Royal Navy.

National Navies

*Argentina: "Armada de la República Argentina": Armada of the Argentine Republic
*Chile: "Armada de Chile": Armada of Chile
*Colombia: "Armada Nacional": National Armada. (See Colombian National Armada)
*Mexico: "Marina Armada" : Armed Navy. (See: Mexican Navy)
*Ecuador: "Armada Ecuatoriana": Ecuadorian Armada
*Spain: "Armada Española": Spanish Navy
*Venezuela: "Armada Bolivariana de Venezuela": Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela.

Armed Forces

"Fuerza Armada de El Salvador" : Armed Force of El Salvador.armada - a large legion of armed personnel control by a party or by a government. EX. A.S.U.S. (the Armed Services of United States)


* Nissan Armada, a model of car
* Compaq Armada, a model of laptop computer
* "", an animated TV series and toy line, part of Hasbro's "Transformers" franchise
* "The Armada" (1959), a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the Spanish Armada by Garrett Mattingly
* "Armada" (album), an album by black metal band Keep of Kalessin
* The name of three different board games
* "Armada" (video game), a video game which was popular on the Sega Dreamcast
* , a video game by Origin Systems
* , a Star Trek game published by Activision
* Armada Tweezers, a wide range of Cosmetic Tweezers by Armada Beauty Care

Groups and companies

* Armada Design Group, a Vancouver Canada based design firm specializing in Branding and Visual Communications.
* Armada Rijeka, a football fan club from Rijeka, Croatia
* Armada, a division of Acclaim Comics Inc., which published licensed own properties
* Armada (company), a company that produces alpine skis and outerwear
* Twin Armada (company), a company that sells fashion clothing online
* Armada Beauty Care, a company that produces and sells beauty & hair care instruments
* Armada Music, a music label created by Armin van Buuren
* Armada India, HR solutions provider company from India
* 24SG Armada, ERP Recruitment company based in Europe

Other uses

*Long Beach Armada of Los Angeles of California of the United States of North America Including Barrow, Alaska, a professional baseball team of the independent Golden Baseball League
*Armada, Michigan, a small village in the US
*"Armada (Capoeira)", a move in the Brazilian martial art capoeira
*Armada (moth), a genus of the Catocalinae family
*Armada, the name of a fictional floating city in China Miéville's novel "The Scar"
*Armada, the name of a football team in West Kent Sunday League Division 2
*The Armada, a band formed by ex-The Tea Party lead singer Jeff Martin

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