Coordinates: 56°41′45.96″N 60°5′53.16″E / 56.6961°N 60.0981°E / 56.6961; 60.0981

Coat of arms of Degtyarsk

Degtyarsk (Russian: Дегтя́рск) is a town under the administrative jurisdiction of the Town of Revda in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Vyazovka River (right tributary of the Chusovaya), 67 kilometers (42 mi) west of Yekaterinburg. Population: 15,521 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 15,869 (2002 Census);[2] 18,394 (1989 Census).[3]


It was founded in the 18th century; town status was granted to it in 1954.

The town is famous as the site of 1960 U-2 incident, where an American Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft (and pursuing Soviet MiG-19 'Farmer') were shot down by S-75 Dvina (SA-2 'Guideline') surface-to-air missiles.

Administrative and municipal status

Administratively, Degtyarsk and ten rural localities are subordinated to the Town of Revda—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.

Municipally, Degtyarsk, along with three rural localities, is incorporated as Degtyarsk Urban Okrug. Revda and the other seven rural localities are independently incorporated as Revda Urban Okrug.


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