East-European Shepherd

East-European Shepherd

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altname= Byelorussian Ovcharka (obsolete)
Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka
country = Europe (Russia)
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The East European Shepherd—also called theOwczarek Wschodnioeuropejski & Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka (VEO)—is a breed of dog that was created by mixing German Shepherd Dogs with local Russian breeds in the 1930s for army use.


The East-European Shepherd is a dog which is larger than average; males are 26 - 28 inches at the withers, while females are 23 - 26 inches. Along with short coat of dense fur, it has strong—but not coarse—bone and well-developed muscles. Coat is medium in length with good developed undercoat. The acceptable colors include saddled (saddle can be saturated to give an almost black-and-tan or black-and-red appearance), blanket-back black and tan, solid black, and solid liver. Rare colors include blue (saddle, blanket-back, and solid), silver, and solid white. Agouti—gray and red—is permitted but not desired.

The head is proportional to the body, massive and wedge-shaped, with a slightly rounded forehead. The muzzles is equal in the length to the skull; the lower jaw is well developed. With large teeth in full complex, the VEO has a scissors bite. Ears are medium in size and pricked. The eyes are medium, oval, and dark with close-fitting, well-colored eyelids. Acceptable colors are brown, hazel, and green.

The Back is strong, wide, and long. The loin is short and wide, well-muscled and slightly arched. Croup is wide, long, slightly sloping. The chest is moderate wide, while the belly is reasonably tucked up. Its chest is scimitar in form, reacking the hocks or slightly longer. The legs are strong and straight; feet are oval and compact.


The East-European Shepherd is fiercely loyal and devoted to its owners. Balanced and confident, it is intelligent and playful, but is also distrustful to strangers. It is tough and can be aggressive, which makes it a great watchdog and guard dog. Though social and mild-mannered, the East-European Shepherd may not be the right family pet if there are small children in the home; its tendency toward playful jumping could be dangerous, especially as a large breed.

East-European Shepherds are working dogs and needs to be exercised properly. They need to be taken on long daily walks or jogs. If sufficiently exercised, they'll do fine in an apartment. Because they were bred to stand many extreme climates, they can live well outside.


This breed was created in 1930 as a working dog adapted for service in the Army and a national economy in various climatic conditions. The East European Shepherd was created from German Shepherds, whom were mixed with local northern breeds, molosses and some other breeds. The first standard which has formed the breed type of East-European shepherd was approved in 1964 by the Cynologic Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR.

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