All rights reversed

All rights reversed

All Rights Reversed is a phrase that indicates a release of copyright or a copyleft licensing status. It is a pun on the common copyright disclaimer "All rights reserved", a formality originally required by the Buenos Aires Convention of 1910. [cite web |url= |title= The phrase "All rights reserved" |accessdate=2007-12-27 |last= Engelfriet |first= Arnoud |coauthors= |date= 2006 |work= Ius mentis] "All Rites Reversed" was used by author Gregory Hill to authorize the free reprinting of his "Principia Discordia" in the late 1960s. Hill's disclaimer was accompanied by the kosher "unicode|Ⓚ" (for kallisti) symbol, a play on unicode|©, the copyright symbol. [cite book |title= Principia Discordia |last= Hill |first= Gregory |year= 1965 |quote=Ⓚ All Rites Reversed - reprint what you like]

In 1984/5 programmer Don Hopkins sent Richard Stallman a letter labeled "Copyleft—all rights reversed". Stallman chose the phrase to identify his free software method of distribution. [cite book |title= Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution |last= Stallman |first= Richard |year= 1999 |publisher= O'Reilly Media |isbn= 1565925823 |pages= 59] It is often accompanied by a reversed version of the copyright symbol ("see illustration"). [cite book |title= Open Source: A Multidisciplinary Approach |last= Muffatto |first= Moreno |year= 2006 |publisher= Imperial College Press |isbn= 1860946658 |pages= 40 ]


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