List of political parties campaigning for self-government

List of political parties campaigning for self-government

This is a list of political parties campaigning for self-government. Listed here are parties with a specific ethnic minority background or regional parties active on a national level promoting more autonomy or independence for their region. Only parliamentary (including regional parliaments or councils) or former parliamentary parties are listed. Some of these parties are members or observers of the European Free Alliance–Democratic Party of the Peoples of Europe (EFA–DPPE).

See also Political parties of minorities for ethnic non-territorialist parties, i.e. ethnic parties whose main purpose is the defence of interests of a minority group (e.g. Swedish minority in Finland, Muslims in India, Francophones in Flemish Brabant etc.).


See the Political parties in Belgium, since most parties are regionalist.


Quebec: See the List of political parties in Quebec, since most Quebec parties are regionalist.

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Taiwan Solidarity Union - seeks creation of a "Republic of Taiwan"


Swedish speaking: see the List of political parties in Åland, since all Åland parties are regionalist.


Basque Country

*Abertzaleen Batasuna
*Eusko Alkartasuna
*Partido Nacionalista Vasco


* Union Démocratique Bretonne
* Breton Party
* Emgann


* Corsica Nazione


* Mouvement indépendantiste martiniquais
* Parti progressiste martiniquais


* Partit Occitan


*Bavaria Party


*Telangana Rashtra Samithi


*Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq
*Patriotic Union of Kurdistan


Northern Italy (Padania)

*Lega Nord

Aosta Valley

*Valdotanian Unionù
*Edelweiss Aosta Valley
*Autonomist Federation
*Valdotanian Renewal
*Lively Aosta Valley
*Lega Nord Valle d'Aosta


*Lega Nord Piemont


*Lega Lombarda
*Lombard Alliance League


*Daisy Civic List
*Lega Nord Trentino
*Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party
*Autonomist Trentino
*Ladin Autonomist Union

outh Tyrol

*South Tyrolean People's Party
*Union for South Tyrol
*The Libertarians
*South Tyrolean Freedom
*Political Movement Ladins
*Democratic Party of South Tyrol
*Lega Nord Sud Tirolo


*Liga Veneta
*North-East Project
*Liga Veneta Repubblica
*Venetians in Movement
*Venetian National Party

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

*Lega Nord Friuli-Venezia Giulia
*Friuli Movement
*Giulian Front


*Lega Nord Liguria
*Ligurian Independentist Movement


*Lega Nord Emilia


*Lega Nord Romagna


*Lega Nord Toscana


*Lega Nord Marche


*Lega Nord Umbria


*Sardinia Nation
*Sardinian Reformers
*Sardinian People's Party
*Sardinian Democratic Union
*Sardinian Action Party
*Independence Republic of Sardinia

outhern Italy

*Movement for Autonomy
*Federalist Alliance
*Lega Sud Ausonia
*Southern Action League


*Movement for Autonomy
*Movement for the Independence of Sicily

New Zealand

* South Island Party
* South Island Party (2008)


* Balochistan National Party
* Awami National Party
* Pukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party


aint Kitts and Nevis


Concerned Citizens Movement



* Democratic League of Kosovo
* Democratic Party of Kosovo


* League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina



*Andalucista Party


*Aragonese Party (Partido Aragonés)
*Aragonese Council (Chunta Aragonesista)

Balearic Islands

*Majorcan Union

Basque Country

*Eusko Alkartasuna
*Partido Nacionalista Vasco

Canary Islands

*Coalicion Canaria


*Convergence and Unity (Convergència i Unió), coalition of:
**Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya)
**Democratic Union of Catalonia (Unió Democràtica de Catalunya)
*Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
*Initiative for Catalonia Greens (Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds), formerly in coalition with Izquierda Unida


*Bloque Nacionalista Galego


* Unión del Pueblo Leonés


*Nafarroa Bai


*Valencian Union


*Ticino League

ri Lanka

* Tamil National Alliance


* Democratic Society Party

United Kingdom


*Mebyon Kernow


*English Democrats Party


*Scottish National Party
*Scottish Socialist Party
*Scottish Green Party
*Scottish Independence Party


*Plaid Cymru
*Forward Wales

Northern Ireland

A region disputed between the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

see politics of Northern Ireland

Nationalist/Republican -
*Sinn Féin
*Social Democratic and Labour Party
*Republican Sinn Féin
*Workers Party (Ireland)

Unionist/Loyalist -
*Ulster Unionist Party
*Democratic Unionist Party
*Progressive Unionist Party
*United Kingdom Unionist Party
*Ulster Third Way - Seeking an independent Northern Irish state separate from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom

United States


* Alaskan Independence Party

Puerto Rico

* Puerto Rican Independence Party

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* Comprehensive list of Leftist Movements for National, Ethnic Liberation or Regional Autonomy

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