Labiodental consonant

Labiodental consonant

In phonetics, labiodentals are consonants articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth. The labiodental consonants identified by the International Phonetic Alphabet are:

#IPA| [ɱ] is an allophone of /m/ that occurs before /v/ and /f/.
#The stops (the plosives and the nasal IPA|ɱ) are not confirmed to exist as separate phonemes in any language. They are sometimes written as "unicode|ȹ ȸ" "(qp" and "db" monograms).
#This applies only to the XiNkuna dialect of Tsonga where it is a separate phoneme (with aspirated and unaspirate allophones in free variation. Please note these differ from the German bilabial-labiodental affricate which commences with a bilabial p.
#Again, found only in the XiNkuna dialect.
#Varies considerably between dialects. In some cases it's similar to the velar fricative [x] .

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