Ten city-kingdoms of Cyprus

Ten city-kingdoms of Cyprus

The phrase "ten city-kingdoms" of ancient Cyprus usually refers to the ten Greek, Graeco-Phoenician or Graeco-Eteocypriot city-states listed in an inscription of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon in 673/2 BC.

These are, followed by their name in Greek:
#Paphos, Πάφος (Greek)
#Salamis, Σαλαμίς (Greek)
#Soloi, Σόλοι (Greek)
#Kourion, Κούριον (Greek)
#Chytroi, Χῦτροι (Greek)
#Kition, Κίτιον (Graeco-Phoenician)
#Amathus, Ἀμαθούς (Graeco-Eteocypriot)
#Idalion, Ἰδάλιον (Graeco-Eteocypriot)
#Ledrai, Λῆδραι (Greek)
#Tamassos, Ταμασσός
and later
#Kyrenia, Κυρηνεία (Greek)
#Lapethos, Λάπηθος (Greek)
#Marion, Μάριον (Greek)

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